Happy New Year!  I didn’t watch one New Year’s Eve TV show.  I turned on one of the shows for a minute, saw a performer pretending to sing and said, no thank you.  Instead, I flipped around.  I can’t even remember what I watched!  I must have been tired.  Iggy woke me up around 10.  He had to go out.  Smart guy.  I love having a dog.  I went to bed at 11:37.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  I’ve been busy.

I posted this to Twitter the other day because I thought it was funny.  This is what I see when the soft rock radio station plays Meatloaf:


Have a great day and a great 2015!


Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Bad news, my fantasy football team, Bob’s Tight Ends, was elimanated from the playoffs. I can’t lie, I was devastated. But I had a good run.

We use the big old-fashion lights on our Christmas tree. They look good but get hot. Solution: Take big lights down and put up new, cooler mini lights. I made the switch and they new lights look horrible. They actually hurt my eyes! $30 mistake. The old lights are back on the tree. Ugh.

Have a great day!

Another great weekend is in the books!  Our tree is up and decorated!
treeourLooks pretty darn good!

Have a great week!