I don’t like having a case for my iPhone. But I also don’t like the idea of buying a new iPhone on the off chance my phone drops. So, I use a case. My current case looks like this:
casscaseIt’s fun and I like it. But when I talk on the phone it looks like I’m talking to a cassette tape. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
Yesterday I was doing some shopping and I saw this cool case:
iphonecaseIt’s a unicorn wearing sunglasses! It’s designed, I believe, for 12-year-old girls. So, I won’t be buying it. But If I were in my teens, I’d probably get it, use it until someone teased me and then throw it away.

Have a nice day.

It’s Thursday and you know what that means!! It’s time to reveal this month’s selection for B.B.C. – Bob’s Book Club! Ladies, are you looking for the perfect summer read? Pick up the new release by Jennifer Weiner!
weinerJennifer2You’ll thank me later.

Have a nice day.

This was a good sandwich!
sandyProsciutto, mozz, arugola, plum tomato, onion slivers on fresh baked focaccia. Mmmm.

Have a great day!

I love CBS Sunday Morning.

To post a photo of myself holding a chip with guacamole or not to post. Ah, what the hell.guacHave a great day!