Did you know BobBorden.com launched on this day in the year 2000? Crazy. Hey, it’s Halloween! To make handing out candy easy, I removed the screen from our front door.
bobcandyI got a lot of positive comments. As you know, I hate Halloween. But I rally for the kids. Speaking of kids, my nephew Peter dressed as a minion.
iggypeterThat kid is solid gold. We were tempted to buy Iggy a costume but decided to save our money. Instead, Iggy had a day of beauty. His hair looks great!

I don’t know anything about baseball but I hope the Mets win.

Have a great weekend!

That was a good weekend! What did we do?
leavesLeaves!!! From now until December we’ll probably get 8 to 10 bags a weekend. It’s backbreaking work. I couldn’t have done it without Cara. It’s so hard to keep the bags open and get the leaves inside. This guy helped out too:
I have some 80’s movies on my mind. I really want to see Looker, Runaway and The Last Chase.
80sfilms In the 80’s they used to be on HBO ALL THE TIME. Before I buy all of these movies I may wait a bit to see if my urge passes. Maybe I can request these from the library? That’s a good idea! Let me check, hold on. Ooh, they have, Looker!

Have a great week!

I had an expensive Saturday. First I had to buy a leaf blower.
blowerPine needles have been falling for over a week. Last month my old leaf blower broke.
Then I had to get my car inspected. They found some cracked bushings that needed replaced. Ugh ($). But the car has been really good for a long time.
I walked to the dealer and walked Iggy a few times. Look what he found on his walk this morning:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

On Iggy’s walk tonight I saw a guy with a cello case get out of a car. I said, what do you have in there, a flute? He laughed. Then I followed that up by saying, hey, got a match! He laughed again, then said, “I’m just the neighbor.” Which leads me to believe he didn’t speak English 100%. I must have totally embarassed Iggy.

The end of our walk is also worth mentioning. We were walking behind our neighborhood pub and we saw two guys doing something unusual by an SUV. Turns out A guy was getting fitted for a suit!
inseamI said, Nothing strange about this! Another huge laugh. The guy getting measured said, “I knew someone was going to say something!” Ah, yeah, dipsh%t! You’re in a parking lot getting your inseam measured! That reminds me, I have a dentist appointment in the bathroom at Macy’s.

Have a nice day.

Whoa, I haven’t updated since last week! But you didn’t miss much…except for my F#@&ing birthday! Cara’s gift was awesome! I’ll share the surprise in the near future. This weekend was good! Saturday I chilled out, got a haircut and then we saw ‘The Martian’. It was good (not great). Sunday we drove a half an hour for a Long Island Wheaten meetup! Look at these guys!
wheatensIsn’t that great!? They loved playing and chasing each other. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Bonus, Iggy was able to meet his brother, Teddi:
iggyteddiweb1Teddi is a nice guy. Iggy was so dirty he needed a bath.

Have a good day/week.