IMG_5980It’s Iggy’s birthday today! He’s two years young! Tonight we rage!

iggywalksnowBig morning walk done! Iggy played with two dogs. He likes to make the rounds! is starting to become, am I right? I have to post more. All of my free time is devoted to Iggy. I love that crazy bastard!

I’ll try to post more. No matter how small. Have a great weekend!

Back in the saddle!
iggysnowI don’t know if you heard but we got a lot of snow! I’m not sure how but Iggy always seems to find a place to walk that hasn’t been shoveled. That said, I still love walking him. Hopefully this stuff will melt. I miss the balmy temperatures we had in December!

Have a nice day.

I missed the blizzard of 2016! I’m in Florida but it’s not all fun in the sun. Rain and high winds. Damn. Cara took this video of the winds, watch:

Did you watch the whole thing? Cara was shooting the trees and I decided to do a video bomb! It was funny until I landed in a shrub and cut my legs!
cut__1_Commitment to the bit!
I’m sorry I missed the first snowfall. I like taking Iggy for walks because he loves the snow so much! I’ll be home soon, Iggy!

Stay warm.