Happy Valentine’s Day to my lady and all the ladies out there! Well, maybe just my lady. Hey, do you like memories? Valentine’s Day made me think of this old piece from my old Late Show days. It’s hard to look back at myself. And that’s coming from a guy who has his own website! Enjoy!

tan_socksI hate my socks. Nothing matches! I have 5 different tan socks! How boring! To keep warm I’ve been wearing mismatched pairs. That’s so low rent! I need to do a sock purge. It’s 2015…shouldn’t “they” have figured out something better than socks? Maybe aerosol socks!? That’s just crazy enough to work! I have to get that on ‘Shark Tank’.

Have a nice day!

That was a good weekend! Saturday I ran some errands and took Iggy in for a haircut. His hair is high maintenance. Sadly, I’m a low maintenance owner. His matting got out of control and he had to get shaved.
iggyhaircutHe’s still cute but I do miss his hair. Thankfully It will grow back.

I ordered some new glasses too. I’ve been wearing glasses since the 1st grade. I tried on a lot of pairs and finally decided on these:
glassesThey look like wood but they’re plastic. I think they’re cool and hip. Not so hip…the prescription. I needed progressive lenses. I am old.

Hey, speaking of old…yesterday my friend Walter had a birthday! Cara and I went into the city for a lovely birthday brunch!

[L to R]:  Walter, Bob (not pictured: everybody else)

[L to R]: Walter, Bob (not pictured: everybody else)

Fun times!

Have a nice day!

Iggy found a ten dollar bill on his walk this morning! Sadly, he shredded it to pieces!
_10_billA little tape and it will be good as new! Take that, truffle-hunting dogs!

Enjoy your weekend!

I’ve said it before but I love having a dog. Iggy is great! Last night he walked into the TV room with my boot in his mouth. He hopped on the sofa and start chewing like he wasn’t doing anything wrong.
iggybootIt was pretty funny. I took the boot away because that’s not something I want him to learn. Between us, I hate those boots and wouldn’t mind seeing them destroyed. Shhhh…don’t tell Iggy.

Have a nice day.