You don’t want to miss this one!

If losing weight was easy…everybody would be skinny!

Here’s a video I made for my ‘How to Lose Weight and Learn Guitar’ YouTube channel. This time I’m focused on getting in shape!

Nothing to see here, please move on to another blog. Ha ha. I had a great weekend. We had a couple of nice meals with friends, relaxed and drove around. I took this great photo of Iggy and his cousin, Scout:

(LtoR): Scout, Iggy

Hard to tell from a photo but they were happy because we returned home. Iggy has a like/tolerate relationship with Scout. Iggy is the teacher and there’s always a lesson to be learned!

Do you like to watch videos of people unboxing things? Then you’re gonna love this!

Have you heard about my new YouTube channel, How to Lose Weight and Learn Guitar? I don’t like to brag but it’s amazing! Give it a watch, a like and subscribe! is back (again)! The last couple of years I switched to Instagram but I miss my good old website! Now the question is…Do I take the old Instagram posts and update them here?

Ok, I thought about it and YES! I will update this site with the last couple of years! Give me a little time. Also, if you jump around and see a missing photo or two…I plan on fixing that too!