TGIF!!! Can I get a witness?! Have a great weekend!

pizzaLooking for an alternative to reheating your pizza in the oven? You’ve found it! Put your slices in the skillet! The crust gets crisp and the cheese melts. Yum!
Have a nice day.

Another photo from the weekend:


[L to R]: Bob, Emma, Cara

  I jumped into a photo my nieces were taking. Classic, me.

Have a good one.

What a fast weekend! My brother and family stopped by for a quick visit.
bobfamGood times!

Have a great day!

selfiestickI got to borrow my niece’s selfie stick on Saturday. I NEED one of these things! We had dinner with my brother last night. He was in the area with his family. Good times. I’ll post a group shot later. About the red arrow: After Iggy’s walk this morning, he got excited, ran around and ran through the screen door! He was unhurt. It was pretty funny. Until I took the screen door to the hardware store: $50!

Oh, Iggy.