That was a good weekend! Cara and I enjoyed a lovely dinner with my brother-in-law & sister-in-law. I took Iggy for many walks and I partied like it was 1979!
bobBEERNow THAT’S a photo! I’ve been wearing that bright blue swim shirt all summer! I may need to retire it to the trash!

I can’t end today’s diary with that photo. Here’s a cute one of my nephew Peter and Iggy.
iggypeterGood stuff!

Have a great day!

This is how I talked to Iggy this morning:

Good morning?! How’s my guy?
Did you have a good sleep?
How’s my boy?
How’s my friend?
How’s my boyfriend?
iggyLOOKWe both had problems with that last line!

Have a great weekend!

I lost my sandals a few weeks ago. I wear them at the beach and I wear them when I go out to dinner. They are the best casual shoes I own. I looked in every closet, every storage container and everywhere else. I finally remembered putting them on the roof of my car. I think I drove away and now they’re gone forever. So, I replaced them with a $30 pair. I like the new ones. Last night I was trying to take Iggy out of the car but he didn’t want to leave. I moved the seat up and guess what?
FLIPFlopsThe sandals were under the seat. Wow, what a boring story. Is Readers Digest still in print? Maybe I’ll sell it to them.

Have a nice day.

MOM: “I love the photos of Iggy but don’t forget about your nephew, Peter.”

Mom, your wish is my command!

peter, pleasing Moms since 2000.

Have a great day!

Another great, great summer weekend in the books! Iggy had another playdate, I hung out with Walter, “Sally” & family and helped make a great fire on the beach!
I’ve never done that before! It was a lot of fun!

Have a great day!