Wow. Baggage issues.


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I was flipping the channels last night and found an episode of ‘CHiPs!’
chipspcpThis episode aired in 1979 and I remember watching it! I don’t know why that’s so exciting to me. I loved ‘CHiPs!’ The episode is called, ‘Ride the Whirlwind!’ Here’s the description: “Jon and Ponch encounter unruly dirt bikers, a clandestine PCP operation and a macho city councilman showing off on the hillsides when they volunteer as members of a pilot trail bike team.” After this epsidoe, “PCP/angel dust” became part of my vernacular. It was always a funny reference.

Footnote: Years later in Jersey City, I sat on a jury of a man accused of dealing PCP near a grade school. At that point the PCP/angel dust reference wasn’t so funny. BTW, my fellow police-hating jurors let the drug dealer walk. What a bad experience!

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With all due respect to Cara, I sure do like waking up to this face:
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You know what I did recently? I got a physical!
doctorYou’ll be happy to know I’m healthy! When I got on the scale I discovered I weighed less than I have in a long, long time. I was so proud I started telling the doctor my weight-loss secrets. No soda, no candy and a lot of dog walking. Then, in the middle of my revelations, I realized something…I’m still a big fat ass! It was just funny. The way I was talking you would have thought I was a weight-loss guru! When we parted ways, I said to the doctor, thank you for your gentle hands. He laughed.

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Yesterday was a great day! Why? I was a VIP at my nephew’s school.
bobVIPWe made a spider together and then the kids sang some songs.
bobvip2I was pretty proud of the little guy. Good stuff!

File footage:

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