I rewatched ‘My Bodyguard’ yesterday.
mybodyguardHoly crap, it’s such an enjoyable movie. You can’t beat Matt Dillon. He’s consistently great. Have you been watching ‘Wayward Pines’?
Wayward-PinesNo spoilers! But it’s very good and creepy!

Have a great day.


“To the pet store and step on it!”


Have you ever driven past a car that looks like your car? I drive an orange Honda Element. It’s a unique-looking automobile.hondaelementEvery so often when I pass one exactly like mine I’ll wave to the driver. Sometimes I get a return wave and sometimes I get nothing. I’ve been getting nothing for a long time. Last night I saw an Element headed towards me and I did a cool peace sign. He gave a big, enthusiastic wave! It was great but after the fact I thought maybe my peace sign didn’t match up. Today I saw another orange Element and I gave a big wave! What did I get in return? Nothing. So now I don’t know what the hell to do. Maybe I’ll just keep my hands on the wheel.

The sun didn’t shine once this weekend. So what did I do, stay indoors and sulk? Nope, I got out there and lived! I ate a flavorless pulled pork burrito and burnt my tounge on some soup. What can I say, sometimes eating out isn’t great. At least I was able to enjoy the evening with Cara and friends.

I’d write more but I have to go to sleep.

Have a nice day.