This past Saturday I went to a great reunion for current and former Letterman staffers. I had a GREAT time! There weren’t enough hours to talk to everybody.

My friend Jeff and his girlfriend Molly flew in from out west. They stayed with me for one night. We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed a night on the town.



L to R: Molly, Jeff, Bob.

My one regret is I didn’t take enough photos. Darn. Great night!


It has been way too long! The hard drive on my computer has been super slow, so I replaced it. But now it won’t work at all. Ugh. Very annoying.

With the Late Show coming to an end a lot of my friends are posting some great old photos. I look back on my Late Show years with great pride. It was a great time in my life. I went out with my old friend Jeff last night. Here’s an old photo from back then:


L to R: Bob, Jeff and Jeff’s roommate Derek

I often wore “stylish” vests because I thought they covered up my fat body. Ha ha. I was nuts.  I’ll update again soon, probably tomorrow.

Replacing my hard drive this weekend…I hope.

No updates due to a slow computer. I may need a new hard drive. This is my new favorite song:

Weekend is over! It went fast. Cara and I saw the movie, ‘While We’re Young’. And had a lovely dinner. We walked Iggy, did some errands and some light spring cleaning. I got a haircut.

Excuse me for a second…YAWN!!!

Have a nice day!