I missed the blizzard of 2016! I’m in Florida but it’s not all fun in the sun. Rain and high winds. Damn. Cara took this video of the winds, watch:

Did you watch the whole thing? Cara was shooting the trees and I decided to do a video bomb! It was funny until I landed in a shrub and cut my legs!
cut__1_Commitment to the bit!
I’m sorry I missed the first snowfall. I like taking Iggy for walks because he loves the snow so much! I’ll be home soon, Iggy!

Stay warm.

iggybobIt’s past somebody’s bedtime. Nothing going on with me. Just living. Have a good one!

Last night it was 27 degrees, windy and raw. Perfect time for Iggy to lay down and rest!
iggycoldchillHe’s the best.

Wow. I loved his music. R.I.P.

Saturday night Cara and I saw Star Wars! (No spoilers) Why did I wait so long to see it? I’m not a huge Star Wars nerd. I really liked it. After the movie we had a lovely dinner. We went to this place that makes great sriracha fries. So good. Earlier in the day I took Iggy to the dog park. He ran and ran! What a nice weekend.

Have a nice day.

treeI hate to state the obvious but it’s over.  It’s a new year and change is in the air.  I’m in the process of getting rid of things I no longer use. It’s very liberating to get rid of worthless crap. I went through my closet and donated everything I haven’t worn in a year. It was A LOT of stuff! One small problem, I have no clothes! Details.

Remember my garage sale moped? My goal was to fix it but it turns out, I’m not mechanical! I got rid of it!  Nothing is safe!
fa50I took a loss on this one! Live and learn.

OK, back to reality. Have a great day!