My windshield is getting replaced today.
crackThis car collects rocks like a kid collects baseball cards.

Have a great weekend!

It’s Wednesday and I haven’t talked about my weekend. You can give the blame to late Labor Day. I’m off my routine. Have kids gone back to school? Are people on vacation? What’s going on?! My weekend was awesome. We took Iggy to the dog park a few times, we had an amazing dinner and we got stuck in traffic for over an hour:
trafficThe traffic jam wasn’t so awesome. But what can you do. A motorcyclist lost control of his bike. Poor guy. We believe he survived.

I can’t believe it’s September.

Have a great day!

I just discovered the group, Dawes. Here they are pretending to drive a pickup truck:
dawesThey have a hit on the radio right now but all of their stuff is great!

I ran so many errands on Saturday morning I feel like I lived through three weekends! I woke up and took Iggy for a walk. I’ve been letting him off leash this summer. He stays pretty close but I did get a little worried when he climbed a couple of these stairs:
iggystairsOh my! If he took off I don’t think I could catch him!
After our walk, I drove to pick up some vegetables. On the way home I stopped in a restaurant and ate breakfast!
breakfastJust look at that, damn! Robbie’s Gringo Hash! Over-easy eggs, red beans, rice, chorizo and some kind of cheese. So good! After that I went shopping. I needed a new swimsuit. So I got this:summersuitIt came with matching flip flops! It got the response I thought it would. Pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

Good stuff! Have a great week!