The holiday weekend is over! Darn. But it was a good one! We got rained out on the 4th but the 5th & 6th made up for it! Beautiful days! I golfed 9 holes on Saturday! That was the third time in my life I’ve been on a golf course. I like it but I hate the feeling of someone else breathing down my neck. Thankfully there was a nice flow and I didn’t feel the pressure. My nephew John shot a 35 and I shot a 50. Yes, that’s pretty bad but I had fun! My brother-in-law Jake gave me some great tips. #1 tip, hit the ball! Good stuff.

Iggy had another playdate on Sunday.
augieandiggyIs that the best picture?! They wrestled and ran around! It’s so great to see him play with another dog! And I love the super-fast running! After the playdate, Iggy was very tired! And he is tired this morning! I love that guy!

Have a great day!

flagHappy 4th of July! Be safe!

That was a good weekend! We lived it up, to the extreme! I don’t know what that means. Iggy had a playdate on Saturday.
iggyaugieAugie is about 10 months old and weighs around 31 pounds. They had a great time! This photo was taken at the end of their time. They got SO dirty! It was great. I’ll post some video to Iggy’s Tumblr page tomorrow. Today I have a video up there of Iggy jumping. The audio is the best part. What the heck, I might as well post it here:

I think that’s the best.

Have a great day!

Whoa!  Where did the week go? I’ve been busy. Iggy got a haircut this week and they found a couple of ticks.  Iggy uses the Advantix gel but I didn’t know you had to apply it every month.
iggysleepLong story short, Vet gave him a vaccine and he should be good. But I have to keep an eye on Lyme disease symptoms. I said to the vet, It’s too soon for this, Iggy is brand new!

Have a great weekend!

What a great weekend! Saturday night Cara and I had dinner with “Sally”, Walter, Paula and Laura.
dinnerfriendsIn this photo I’m cutting into a delicious dessert. I had such a great time catching up I forgot to take a group photo! Rookie mistake! It was a great night!

Have a great day!