Cara and I saw the Dave Matthews Band last night. They were, as usual, great! I do like seeing concerts again! I wasn’t sure I was going to go. I believe I ate some expired hummus! I’m not kidding! My stomach was feeling bloated and funky! But I rallied and went!

We stood up the whole time…that’s what you do at a DMB concert. Stand up, dance, do whatever you want. Or, if you’re like the girl next to me, you smoke and wave your cellphone in my face every minute! I don’t know what the hell she was recording! She was wildly moving her phone like she was shooting a Michael Bay film! And there was a super drunk guy behind us. He was loudly calling out every song…I should say wrongly calling out every song! He finally got the last song right but by then he lost all credibility.

Speaking of the last song, that’s when I had to sit down. My stomach was cramping up and all of the disgusting concert smells finally got to me. I’m feeling a little better now. I’m drinking a lot of water.

I stopped recording on my phone years ago because you never really go back and rewatch your bad cellphone footage. I just pick a time and record a few seconds. I enjoy the show more that way. Here’s 33 seconds from last night’s show: