I ran into a nice family while walking Iggy. Here’s our conversation:

4-year-old: Are you Mark’s brother?

Me: No.

Mom (Talking to friend, a house away): You look like someone we know.

Me: Oh, he must be a very handsome man.

Mom: Yes, he is!

4-year-old: What’s your dog’s name?

Me: Iggy.

4-year-old: What’s your name?

Me: Bob.

4 year old: My name is Aidan, this is my sister and we have a baby at home. His name is Owen.

Me: That’s awesome!

4-year-old: My Mom is going away because my Aunt died.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry.

Mom (Walking towards us): That’s a great dog, is he hypoallergenic?

Me: Thank you, yes. I’ve been getting all the details. Sorry to hear about your sister.

Mom: Thank you. How old is he?

Me: 8-months-old.

Mom: Oh, we have a baby who is 8-months-old.

Me: You mean, Owen?

Mom: Wow, Aidan really has been giving you all the details!

We laughed and laughed. I wanted to write this down because that kid was so nice. Good parenting. Now that I think about it, he may have been 5.

Have a nice day.

Guess what I bought?
planeBobIt’s a wood plane! We have a door that needed an adjustment. I could have bought a new one for $40 but instead I bought an old one from Goodwill for $11, plus shipping. It’s SO heavy! It cuts the wood like a hot knife through butter! My stuck door is fixed. Anybody want to buy a plane?

We walked Iggy a lot, did some chores and had a great weekend!

Have a nice day!

“Seriously, what the hell is this?”

Have a great weekend!

Do I have an excuse for not blogging about my weekend?  Yes.  I was trying to yank this shrub out of the yard!
stump2It did not want to go! Thanks to my nightly isometrics I was able to extrude the bush from the earth. To be 100% honest, I can’t take all the credit.

Have a nice day!

Last night I cooked Aurora’s Chicken Pepperoni. Who is Aurora? She was the housekeeper in the film, ‘Seems Like Old Times’.
AuroraIt’s good! Hard to make a boneless/skinless chicken breast taste like anything.

Have a great weekend!