Did you hear the great news that came out this week? That’s right, the Twitter feud between Kanye and Wiz is over. I was so inspired I wrote this tweet:
jacklinks1I thought that was pretty funny, if I do say so myself. A few days went by and then I got this response:
jacklinks2Isn’t that great?! Jack Link’s Beef Jerky has a great sense of humor! Love it!

Have a great weekend!

Last night Cara and I saw Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins! They’re doing a small tour to honor the 10th anniversary of Jenny’s ‘Rabbit Fur Coat’ album. We saw this tour in 2006!
jennylewis2006ticketIt was great then and amazing last night!jlewiswtwinsShe played the whole album, some recent classics and a new song. Our seats were sick too! We were five rows back! I’ve never been that close at the Beacon before. Her voice is angelic and her band was tight.  She’s playing at the Beacon again tonight.  I wish I was going.

Have a nice day.

Recently I had to run some errands. Iggy did not want to stay in the kitchen. So I brought him with me. When I came back to the car, this is what he was doing:
iggywaitWhat a good guy!

shellsThese are pretzel shells. They’re basically hollow pretzels. My first reaction was, what will they think of next? I bought some, ate them and liked them. But Now I think I just liked the crunch and the salt. I don’t feel the need to ever buy them again. #TheMoreYouKnow

I’m so excited about the Iggy Pop/Josh Homme album and tour.
iggypopI’ve been an Iggy Pop fan for years but have never seen him live. I’m happy to report I’m going baby, I’m going! Cara and I are going. Love it!