Happy Thanksgiving! I’m going to celebrate with family, watch football and watch The Godfather.
I know what you’ve been asking yourselves, Hey, what has Bob been up to? Last weekend Cara and I went to Savannah, Georgia! We had a blast! It was a birthday gift to ourselves. We saw Jason Isbell!
jasonisbelljasonisbellnotmyphotoHe is such a great singer/songwriter. What a great concert! I really like Savannah. We ate at Paula Deen’s restaurant, walked around and took a Savannah Slow Ride! A SSR is a tour in a “car” that you pedal.
SlowrideGAYou stop at bars along the route to refuel! Ha ha. Between the peddling and the drinking I thought I was going to puke! Just kidding. Here’s a short video:

It was fun!

Enjoy your day!

This situation in Paris has left me speechless. Bad.

Iggy played with three dogs on his walk this morning. First we ran into a schnauzer named Bruno. Then Iggy played with some black labs named Bo and Coby. iggysatNow Iggy is tired. Good Saturday!

Why do my pickles contain high fructose corn syrup?
hfcsI’m not a health nut (no kidding!) but I don’t think high fructose corn syrup needs to be in pickles. Cheap bastards!

I’m watching a ‘CHiPs’ rerun and in this episode Ponch and Jon have to contend with vindictive hippies. And you thought your job sucked! Funny description.

Have a great day!

This Veterans Day I remember and honor my Uncle George. Thank you for your service.

While listening to Megadeth and raking leaves I had a moment of bliss. A leaf fell from a tree and landed in the bag I was filling. Finally, things are going my way! These leaves might be making me insane. There’s no end in sight.

We walk Iggy all the time. Last weekend I found a five dollar bill! Today, I found a dollar!
iggymoneyThis dog is making me money! About time! Have a great weekend. I was going to write more but Iggy is barking in my face. Time for another walk #$.