I just discovered the group, Dawes. Here they are pretending to drive a pickup truck:
dawesThey have a hit on the radio right now but all of their stuff is great!

I ran so many errands on Saturday morning I feel like I lived through three weekends! I woke up and took Iggy for a walk. I’ve been letting him off leash this summer. He stays pretty close but I did get a little worried when he climbed a couple of these stairs:
iggystairsOh my! If he took off I don’t think I could catch him!
After our walk, I drove to pick up some vegetables. On the way home I stopped in a restaurant and ate breakfast!
breakfastJust look at that, damn! Robbie’s Gringo Hash! Over-easy eggs, red beans, rice, chorizo and some kind of cheese. So good! After that I went shopping. I needed a new swimsuit. So I got this:summersuitIt came with matching flip flops! It got the response I thought it would. Pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

Good stuff! Have a great week!

Whoa! I haven’t posted this whole week! Ain’t noting going on but the rent! Right now I’m listening to:

Benjamin Booker
Those Darlins
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
Mark Knopfler
Jason Isbell
Alabama Shakes

Have a great weekend!

This weekend went by way, way, way, way ,way, way too fast!!! Ugh. On Saturday I took Iggy to the dog park. On Sunday we took him to our regular summer playdate. He loves running around with another Wheaten! It’s great to see. I should have bought one on Iggy’s brothers or sisters. He’s so great!

Have a great week!

I don’t like having a case for my iPhone. But I also don’t like the idea of buying a new iPhone on the off chance my phone drops. So, I use a case. My current case looks like this:
casscaseIt’s fun and I like it. But when I talk on the phone it looks like I’m talking to a cassette tape. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
Yesterday I was doing some shopping and I saw this cool case:
iphonecaseIt’s a unicorn wearing sunglasses! It’s designed, I believe, for 12-year-old girls. So, I won’t be buying it. But If I were in my teens, I’d probably get it, use it until someone teased me and then throw it away.

Have a nice day.