IGGY6MO2Today Iggy is 6 months old! Happy birthday!

Have a nice day!

UPDATE: Last week I posted a Pet Supplies Plus sale tag. The sale price was the same as the regular price. The Assistant to the CEO of Pet Supplies Plus, saw it, thought it was funny and said she’d send some free stuff! As you can see by the photo, Iggy received his stuff and a funny letter. Thank you very much, Stephanie! And thanks to Pet Supplies Plus!


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IGGYBEACH2Iggy likes the beach. This is good and bad. Good because when he runs, I run. Bad because he stops almost every second to dig something up. He’s the best!

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Pet owners! ┬áThere’s a great sale going on at Pet Supplies Plus!


You’re welcome!

I posted this to a Wheaten group yesterday and the assistant to the CEO of Pet Supplies Plus saw it! She has a great sense of humor and is sending me some free stuff! Score! I’ll have an update, probably next week.

Have a great weekend!

The other night I rewatched, ‘My Cousin Vinny’. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it from the very beginning. I noticed some of the camera angles were askew. I know if you shoot someone from the bottom, they appear powerful. And if you shoot someone from above, they appear weak. But I didn’t know what the askew angles were trying to convey. So, I asked the director:

He wrote back:


That’s pretty cool! Twitter is an amazing tool. And Jonathan Lynn must be some kind of nice guy to respond.

Have a nice day.