IGGYBEACH2Iggy likes the beach. This is good and bad. Good because when he runs, I run. Bad because he stops almost every second to dig something up. He’s the best!

Have a nice day.

Pet owners! ┬áThere’s a great sale going on at Pet Supplies Plus!


You’re welcome!

I posted this to a Wheaten group yesterday and the assistant to the CEO of Pet Supplies Plus saw it! She has a great sense of humor and is sending me some free stuff! Score! I’ll have an update, probably next week.

Have a great weekend!

The other night I rewatched, ‘My Cousin Vinny’. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it from the very beginning. I noticed some of the camera angles were askew. I know if you shoot someone from the bottom, they appear powerful. And if you shoot someone from above, they appear weak. But I didn’t know what the askew angles were trying to convey. So, I asked the director:

He wrote back:


That’s pretty cool! Twitter is an amazing tool. And Jonathan Lynn must be some kind of nice guy to respond.

Have a nice day.

The universe really wants me to have more Iron Maiden in my life. Like that’s even possible! Last week I saw a huge Iron Maiden bumper sticker. ┬áThis week, Iron Maiden Trooper Ale!

My immediate reaction was, how many bottles can I fit in my cart? But then I remembered I tend to buy things on impulse. I walked away. Good for me.

Have a nice day!