thewaitHave a nice day!

Yesterday was not a good day for Cara’s flip flops.
iggyshoeI swear, Iggy was alone for only five minutes! He works fast!

Have a nice day!

I love looking at cars. I always have my eye out for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. My Dad had one and I drove it for a few years. We sold it because the transmission died and it was a lot of car for Hoboken. Anyway, a lot of time when you see a used car for sale, the owner covers the license plate. I’m not exactly sure why. I’m guessing it has something to do with identity theft. People cover their plates with cardboard and crude photo editing software. Recently, I ran across a great way to cover your plate! Checkout this guy’s 97 Acura Integra LS:
97_Acura_Integra_LSHa ha! Pretty smart!

Have a great day!

I went out to get some breakfast Sunday morning. I came back 30 minutes later but Iggy thought I was gone for much, much longer.
IGGYbobHe’s awesome!

Have a good day!

I took Iggy for a walk yesterday.  He does not like the humidity.  He reaches a certain point and has to sit/lay down.

iggywalk6He does this on lawns, in driveways and in the middle of the street. And when he goes down, he’s in no hurry to get back up!
IGGYstreet2People walk by us and must think we’re pretty lazy! But we know that’s not the case.

Have a great weekend!