Last night Cara and I saw Alabama Shakes and Drive-by Truckers. It was a pretty great show.
asIt was at Forest Hills Stadium. It used to be the home of the US Open tennis tournament. Pretty cool place to see a concert.

Taking the LIRR home.

Taking the LIRR home.

Remember old snowy, the snowblower I found in the trash? As you know, it bit the dust last season and I had to let her go. Fast forward to now. I’ve been researching new snowblowers and got close to buying one. That is until I drove by someone’s house and there was a snowblower on the curb with a sign that said, ‘It works’! Did I take it or did I leave it?
snowy2Pa-Pow! I f-ing took it, baby! She’s a monster! It’s a 4 stroke Honda! I’ll do a little research and then will try to start her up.

Breaking: Saturday night I ate sushi. I enjoyed a spicy tuna roll. It was tasty. What a fun night with Cara.
Found in a parking lot: Painted cardboard box:
boxHave a nice day.

How about this weekend?! I’m getting a lot done. I had to take my car to the glass store this morning. My windshield was replaced last weekend but at 60 MPH there is a loud whistle. They redid everything, no problem. Then I had to take the car in for an airbag recall. My airbag light has been on for awhile. While there they told me my radiator hoses and spark plugs are nearing the end of their lives. When I got in my car, the airbag light was still on. I went back in and they told me that was a seatbelt warning light and it out will take another hour. NBD, I didn’t tell them about the big red light on my dashboard because I thought it was obvious. But how do you know I need hoses and plugs but NOT address the warning light?!

I walked around town and mowed the grass to kill the hour. Cara offered to drive me back to the dealership but I again decided to walk. I sent Cara this text after a few minutes:


Pick me up now! Too winded to go on!

Tonight we’re going to a Japanese restaurant! I’m going to try some sushi. Wish me luck. The last time I tried it I threw it up!