No updates due to a slow computer. I may need a new hard drive. This is my new favorite song:

Weekend is over! It went fast. Cara and I saw the movie, ‘While We’re Young’. And had a lovely dinner. We walked Iggy, did some errands and some light spring cleaning. I got a haircut.

Excuse me for a second…YAWN!!!

Have a nice day!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say something very controversial. Ready? I love weekends! This weekend I walked Iggy, ran some errands and spent time with family. Good stuff!

Some lady told me to keep Iggy off of her lawn. What the hell?! Iggy didn’t even do anything to her lawn. He was just laying down! She lives in my neighborhood! I understand but still. No class.

Have a great day!

I was flipping channels the other day and came across NBC’s ‘Grimm’. ¬†With respect to the creator(s) and the crew, what the hell is that crap?! Here’s a photo from the show:
GrimmWhat? I know, it’s a fantasy show but who is watching? I don’t get it. I love Mike Judge’s ‘Silicon Valley’. Very funny show and the cast is great.

I recorded Kid Rock on one of the late night shows this past week. I swear he was lip syncing! The song was good but why did he lip sync? Does nothing matter anymore?!

Have a good day.

This is my favorite song right now:

This is very good too:

I almost forgot about this one!

Is that enough for today? Nope.

Have a nice day!