Hey, I’ll have an update tomorrow!

I walked in our backyard last night and this is what I saw:
backyardfishWTF!!?? How did it get there?! Maybe it was dropped by a bird or varmint. I thought it was a warning from the mafia. Cara thought it could be ISIS related. However it got here, I’m probably going to end up screaming, Keep your damn fish off my lawn!

Have a nice day!

This weekend felt a lot like fall.
IggyfallI don’t know if I’m ready for the cold. How was my weekend? We did some chores, took Iggy to a dog class and ate at SmashBurger! I’ve been changing my eating habits lately and that was quite the treat! I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, sweet potato fries and a strawberry milkshake! Yum! I guess you could say Saturday was my cheat day.

Have a nice day!

Cara and I saw Shelby Lynne last night. She was great! She has such an amazing voice! Here’s a short clip:

We saw her at City Winery. I’ve never been there. It was good! You show up an hour before, have some dinner and then the show starts. Perfect evening.

Have a great weekend!

Guess what I bought?
planeBobIt’s a wood plane! We have a door that needed an adjustment. I could have bought a new one for $40 but instead I bought an old one from Goodwill for $11, plus shipping. It’s SO heavy! It cuts the wood like a hot knife through butter! My stuck door is fixed. Anybody want to buy a plane?

We walked Iggy a lot, did some chores and had a great weekend!

Have a nice day!