My Mom will be happy to see this photo:
flushotOn a whim, I got a flu shot today. That reminds me, I really need to work on my whims.

Enjoy your weekend!

That was a good weekend! A lot of relaxing and walking Iggy. I may have reached the age where I don’t like the cold weather. When I take Iggy out I put on a hoodie, a jacket, a hat and gloves!

I took this photo after a walk:
iggysofaHe climbed on my chest and laid down. The best!

Yesterday was Cara’s birthday! We went out to dinner last night. It was fantastic!

I was in a service station last week and saw this on their door:
ilovenewyorkThis show was on in 2007! They REALLY love ‘I Love New York 2’! Odd.

Have a great day!

flagThank you, veterans!

Wow. Baggage issues.


Have a great weekend!

I was flipping the channels last night and found an episode of ‘CHiPs!’
chipspcpThis episode aired in 1979 and I remember watching it! I don’t know why that’s so exciting to me. I loved ‘CHiPs!’ The episode is called, ‘Ride the Whirlwind!’ Here’s the description: “Jon and Ponch encounter unruly dirt bikers, a clandestine PCP operation and a macho city councilman showing off on the hillsides when they volunteer as members of a pilot trail bike team.” After this epsidoe, “PCP/angel dust” became part of my vernacular. It was always a funny reference.

Footnote: Years later in Jersey City, I sat on a jury of a man accused of dealing PCP near a grade school. At that point the PCP/angel dust reference wasn’t so funny. BTW, my fellow police-hating jurors let the drug dealer walk. What a bad experience!

Have a nice day!