2015’s best tunes (in no order):
Martin Courtney – Northern Highway
Ryan Adams – Bad Blood
Los Lobos – When We Were Free
Kurt Vile – Dust Bunnies
Houndmouth – Sedona
Brandi Carlile – The Things I Regret
My Morning Jacket – Big Decisions
Father John Misty – The Ideal Husband
Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight
Jason Isbell – 24 Frames

iggyrestOh Iggy, please, please, please, let’s walk!

Iggy loves to play with other dogs. My vet doesn’t care for dog parks but Iggy’s gonna do what Iggy’s gonna do. So, dog park. Recently we returned to a local park I swore I’d never visit again. The first time we ran into some mean dogs. On my second trip there was one dog/owner there. The owner sat there doing a crossword puzzle and the dog just barked at Iggy.
dogparkwebSo another wasted trip. I’ll try it again because I love Iggy. I was glad the other dog didn’t want to play because the ground was so muddy! Argh.

Happy almost 2016! I’m looking forward to the new year! Have a good one!


I loved seeing this guy rip open his presents!


Merry Christmas!