The universe really wants me to have more Iron Maiden in my life. Like that’s even possible! Last week I saw a huge Iron Maiden bumper sticker. ¬†This week, Iron Maiden Trooper Ale!

My immediate reaction was, how many bottles can I fit in my cart? But then I remembered I tend to buy things on impulse. I walked away. Good for me.

Have a nice day!

My weekend lacked sun! Yuk. Two grey days. But when life gives me overcast days, I make lemonade! Saturday night we met our friends Lauren and Lindsay for a lovely dinner, with fireworks!
fireworksWe could have left the table for a better view but fireworks are only fun when they’re your own! Plus my dinner was on the table.

We took Iggy for a few good walks.
iggybeachHe’s searching for crab legs. He’s a good hunter. I’ve become good at retrieving crab legs from Iggy’s mouth! ¬†Good weekend!

Have a nice day!

Crap! Have a great weekend!

Last weekend I was driving on the Long Island Expressway. Ahead of me was a car covered in heavy metal bumper stickers. Some of the stickers were HUGE! There was an Iron Maiden sticker so big, it was like a banner!
ironcarWhen I was passing the car, I looked over at the driver and flashed him the international sign of the metalhead, the devil horns:
diodevilCara told me he laughed and waved. He wasn’t expecting the horns from a fat guy with a Wheaten dog sticker on his car!

Have a nice day!

iggyselfNote to self: Walking a dog in the rain isn’t such a smart idea.

Have a great day!