iggyselfNote to self: Walking a dog in the rain isn’t such a smart idea.

Have a great day!

Iggy lost another tooth last night. I love his little teeth! He’s getting big. It’s happening so fast!

Have a nice day!

That was a good weekend! Saturday Cara and I chilled because we needed our energy for Saturday night! We went to a restaurant and sitting next to us was star of stage and screen, Julie Andrews! How cool is that?! I didn’t want to bother her because she was eating, otherwise I would have asked for a photo.

After dinner I saw ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ with Walter.
wkbbWe both didn’t like it. But it’s always good to hang out with Walter.

I’m tired! More tomorrow. Have nice day!

Aerosmith/Slash were playing a stone’s throw from me last night.  The tickets were SO expensive!  Even the nosebleed seats were high.  I’d like to see Aerosmith.  Maybe $omeday but not now.  

I’ve been keeping busy and haven’t had much time to blog.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  Iggy is doing well. He’s losing his baby teeth right now.  It’s so cute to find a tooth on the floor.
iggytoothHe’s a great dog! We’re lucky to have him.

Have a great weekend! I’ll post every day next week, promise.

The holiday weekend is over! Darn. But it was a good one! We got rained out on the 4th but the 5th & 6th made up for it! Beautiful days! I golfed 9 holes on Saturday! That was the third time in my life I’ve been on a golf course. I like it but I hate the feeling of someone else breathing down my neck. Thankfully there was a nice flow and I didn’t feel the pressure. My nephew John shot a 35 and I shot a 50. Yes, that’s pretty bad but I had fun! My brother-in-law Jake gave me some great tips. #1 tip, hit the ball! Good stuff.

Iggy had another playdate on Sunday.
augieandiggyIs that the best picture?! They wrestled and ran around! It’s so great to see him play with another dog! And I love the super-fast running! After the playdate, Iggy was very tired! And he is tired this morning! I love that guy!

Have a great day!