Hello!  Forgive me for not posting yesterday.  I had a lovely weekend.  Iggy had his usual summer playdate.  I love those because he runs so fast!  He’s such a good dog.  Here’s a photo of my new wake-up call:
IGGYBEDHave you ever had a dog lick your eyeball? It’s a real treat!

Have a nice day!

I had a million-dollar idea this week.  Do you have a lot of loyalty reward cards on your key ring?  I do.  Well, I have about six.  They’re annoying, they get dirty and I don’t use them all the time.  So, why not make an app where the cards are kept on your phone?!  They already have it, of course.  Bye bye million dollar idea!  I tried one app called, Key Ring.
I love it! No more reward cards on my key ring!

Have a great weekend!

citroen_2cvI love this Citroen 2cv! I believe it was parked in front of a French restaurant. Someday I will get to Paris.

Have a nice day!

That was a nice weekend! It rained most of the time but it was still good. Cara and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!
aawedding6 years went very fast!

Iggy had his regular playdate.
augieiggy2These guys play so great together. Iggy got a haircut on Friday. It’s a summer cut. I miss his long hair but it’s already growing back.

Have a great day!

IGGY6MO2Today Iggy is 6 months old! Happy birthday!

Have a nice day!