Finally put up the tree.
ourtree2015Looks pretty good! You know what I don’t like? Those outdoor laser holiday lights. They look like crap!
laserxmasLazy bastards, put up a string of lights!
We aren’t doing a Christmas card this year. Christmas got here too fast! And really, who cares! I do want to do one for 2016.
I have to rake leaves one last time! Ugh, awful. I have a cold so I might as well do something I hate.

Have a great weekend!

Another week of no updates? Where in the world was I? I was in Walt Disney World! The happiest place on earth! We had a great time! I rode just about everything. Here’s a shot from one of the roller coasters:
In this shot I’m riding with a car full of strangers [Test Track]:
And last, check it out! LEGO HULK:
hulkdisneylegoThat thing was awesome. It wasn’t all rides and good times, I got sick. I had a bad headache. I only missed out on a dinner but it wasn’t fun. Back to the real world!

Have a great week!

I made the playoffs in my Fantasy Football league! My secret? Tom Brady. Sad but true. What else is new? Not much. Iggy has a new haircut.
iggysunI got it cut a little shorter because it has been so warm. He’s a good guy.

Have a good day!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m going to celebrate with family, watch football and watch The Godfather.
I know what you’ve been asking yourselves, Hey, what has Bob been up to? Last weekend Cara and I went to Savannah, Georgia! We had a blast! It was a birthday gift to ourselves. We saw Jason Isbell!
jasonisbelljasonisbellnotmyphotoHe is such a great singer/songwriter. What a great concert! I really like Savannah. We ate at Paula Deen’s restaurant, walked around and took a Savannah Slow Ride! A SSR is a tour in a “car” that you pedal.
SlowrideGAYou stop at bars along the route to refuel! Ha ha. Between the peddling and the drinking I thought I was going to puke! Just kidding. Here’s a short video:

It was fun!

Enjoy your day!

This situation in Paris has left me speechless. Bad.

Iggy played with three dogs on his walk this morning. First we ran into a schnauzer named Bruno. Then Iggy played with some black labs named Bo and Coby. iggysatNow Iggy is tired. Good Saturday!