Happy Easter!

Oops!  Got busy and couldn’t post.  Hey, one of my YouTube videos just got 10,000 hits!  It hasn’t exactly gone viral but I’ll take it.  Watch:

Have a great weekend!

lastsnowI wish this last bit of dirty snow would go to hell! That is all.

Have a nice day!

That was a good weekend.  But aren’t they all good?  Iggy got a haircut.  The dog requires more grooming than Fabio!  What a timely reference.  You know what passed me on the highway yesterday?  A Dodge Challenger.
challengerI’ve never been in one but it seems like a big pile of crap. The gas cap really made me laugh.
gascapHow over-engineered is this thing?! Dumb. I feel the same way about the Mustang and Camaro. If you’re going to bring back an old car design, make it a little practical. Bring this back:
wagonA guy in my neighborhood drives the 80’s version of this car. I love it.

Have you ever heard The Beatles song, ‘For No One’? It is so good!

Have a great week.


Yesterday I went to dinner to celebrate my niece’s confirmation. It was a great excuse to drink some wine spend time with family.bobglassHave a nice day!