What did I do over the weekend? Drove to a party in Steubenville, Ohio! My nephew Jacob graduated high school. Iggy came too! He did great! He killed time in the car by sleeping.
It was a trip of firsts. It was Iggy’s first trip out of New York and it was my first time driving across the lower level of the George Washington Bridge!
gwblowerAs you can see, I was very excited. It was a fast trip but we were able to cram a lot in. I’m proud of my niece and nephews. Great kids! I’m a bad uncle because I only took photos of myself!

Have a great week!

I’m back! My computer is fixed! But I don’t have time for an update. More tomorrow. Happy June!

My computer is on the blink.  Getting it fixed, soon.

Sorry to hear about Pete Fatovich.  I was eating lunch in the 7th floor mailroom.  Pete passed through and asked what I was having.  I said, baked ziti.  Except, being from Ohio I didn’t pronounce it, “zēdē”, I pronounced it, “zitty”.  From that moment on, whenever he saw me he said, “Hey, it’s zitty!”  R.I.P., Pete.


I really enjoyed the last Late Show. Good for those guys. My friends Walter and “Sally” are moving. That stinks but life moves on. Now I’ll have another place to crash when I visit the left coast! We had dinner in the city last night to say so long. Before dinner I stopped by the show. There were dumpsters on the street filled with the set. People were diving in!

A local news crew was doing a story. I hung around because I was trying to get on camera! But there were some hardcore fans there. I would have joined them but what would I do with a miniature bridge?!
Dinner was fun and it was nice to catch up. There was also a celebrity sighting. At the next table was tennis legend, Billie Jean King. We ended this dinner like we usually do, with an awkward photo for BobBorden.com:


L to R: Cara, “Sally”, Walter, Mary, Jay, Jonathan, Tom and Bob.

Godspeed, Kim family.

Have a great weekend.