I’ve said it before but I love having a dog. Iggy is great! Last night he walked into the TV room with my boot in his mouth. He hopped on the sofa and start chewing like he wasn’t doing anything wrong.
iggybootIt was pretty funny. I took the boot away because that’s not something I want him to learn. Between us, I hate those boots and wouldn’t mind seeing them destroyed. Shhhh…don’t tell Iggy.

Have a nice day.

Boom! I’m back after a mini vacay! We went to Florida to catch some rays and recharge. Highlights? Chilled on the beach…
…and I discovered 2008’s hottest fad, the Slanket! It’s a blanket with sleeves!
slanketOh my! While we were gone, Iggy celebrated his 1st birthday!
iggyWe really missed him!

Have a nice day!

I drove to the store last night and saw this on top of my car:
cariceI can’t believe it didn’t fall off. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Have a nice day.

The big blizzard of 2015 wasn’t so much. We got about 12 inches. Everything in New York was shut down to prevent stupid people from killing themselves. I wish we could go back to common sense. But people in New York like being told what they can and can’t do. Not this person.

Remember the snow blower I found in the trash a few years back? I wasn’t able to get it started. That stinks. What stinks even more is good old shoveling! Cara shoveled the driveway last night. I did it this morning and have to go back out.

The post storm local news coverage is ridiculous. What’s the point of having a field reporter telling me how the snow is coming down? Put on Hoda and Kathie Lee!

Iggy’s having a great day:

Enjoy your day!

That weekend went by too fast!  We drove to New Jersey to hang out with our friends, Eva and Brian.  Bonus, they have a dog so that meant we could bring Iggy!  They played for hours and hours!
dogphotos Their dog’s name is Blaze! Awesome. Iggy slept all day Sunday! He was so tired!

In addition to a dog (and a daughter) they also have chickens!
chickensI ate fresh eggs! They were very tasty! Great weekend!

Hey, did you hear? There’s a blizzard coming! Have a great day!