I heard a John Lennon song on the radio yesterday that I don’t have.  I went to the library to check it out but they didn’t have it.  I got a Lennon greatest hits instead.  While checking out, the librarian told me she thought the anniversary of his death was coming up.  Sadly, it’s today.  Still so horrible.


While I was there I checked out the jazz section.  I picked up ‘Time Out’ by The Dave Brubeck Quartet.  I played ‘Take Five’ in the high school jazz band but never listened to the album.  It’s pretty fantastic!  Better late than never!

Yesterday Cara and I put up our Christmas decorations.  It seemed too soon to put them up after Thanksgiving.  The outside lights are up, the tree is up and the garland is hung.  We’re going to skip the Christmas cards this year.  So years you feel like it and other years you don’t.

Have a great day!

What a great Thanksgiving break!  I got caught up on sleep and ate a lot of turkey!  Iggy worked on his looking-out-the-window skills:

For weeks I’ve been listening to Faith No More’s ‘The Real Thing’ album.
faithIn 1989 I didn’t care for it. It wasn’t metal enough for me. But now I love it! I don’t even remember buying it. I just found it among my other CDs. Odd.

On Thanksgiving, my niece Cara made the local news! She attended Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.
newscaraMy favorite thing about her appearence is they talked to her vs. talking to the guy standing next to her with the crazy hat! He must have felt like, what does a guy have to do to get on the news!?

It’s Cyber Monday!  Don’t forget to hit the BobBorden.com store for free shipping!

Have a great day!


We’re only days away from gathering with our families great dinners! I can’t wait!

Iggy got a haircut this weekend!
after_fotorHe looks so great! We went on some good walks. He’s the best!

Have a nice day!

My Mom will be happy to see this photo:
flushotOn a whim, I got a flu shot today. That reminds me, I really need to work on my whims.

Enjoy your weekend!