I had a nice weekend.  Saturday we drove to the Bronx for a funeral.  It sounds odd to write this but it was a nice service.  She passed away a few months ago in Florida.  The service was up here so everybody could attend and celebrate her life.  It felt good to go to church.

Saturday night we went to a party!  I had a great time.  I met some new people and didn’t make an ass out of myself.  Always a plus.

Sunday Cara and I walked Iggy.  He’s getting better at going for walks.
iggywalk2That said, sometimes he just lays down. It’s like he’s doing some type of protest. I don’t know what he’s protesting…free room and board?

Good weekend. Have a great day!


Happy Father’s Day!

Wow, only one post this week?  What have I been doing?  I don’t know.  Hey, it’s puppy cut day!
iggybeforeIggy is getting his fur cut! His hair will become much lighter. It’s kinda sad. But he’s a growing boy. I’m going to get a haircut too.
bobbeforeI feel like a damn hippie!

I’ll have an “after” photo tomorrow.  UPDATE and this isn’t a joke.  The groomer forgot her shears.  No puppy cut.

Have a great weekend!

This weekend Cara and I went to Steubenville to celebrate my nephew’s high school graduation.  We had a great time.  So proud of Lucas.  I can’t believe he’s going to college.  I mean, time flies.  The flight going was delayed by an hour.  It was the loveliest day of the year.  So I don’t know how that happens.  JetBlue doesn’t fly to the burgh from JFK anymore.  So, we had to go to LGA and fly U.S. Airways.  I miss JetBlue!  Then, at the Pittsburgh airport, Enterprise gave me a Chevy Sonic!  What a piece of crap!  I asked for a Fiat…she said she didn’t have any.  I got to the car and next to my crapmobile, there was a Fiat.  You have to laugh.  But I was mostly angry.

I did get a grip and let the little things slide.  After all, I was there to celebrate Lucas. The party was fun!

*File photo

*File photo

Party Friday, garage sales/dinner on Saturday and home Sunday. That’s a full weekend!  We had to board our dog, Iggy. I pick him up today. I can’t wait to see him. I miss that guy!  Great job, Lucas!

Have a nice day!

Today I’m thinking about my Uncle I never knew.
georgeSomeday I’ll make it to Cambridge, England. That’s a promise!