If you ever hear me complain about my 2004 Honda Element, please remind me it could be worse.

Ha ha.  I can’t believe this thing is still on the road.  I was doing some channel surfing last night.   “The Big Chill” was on.  I love William Hurt’s Porsche!

I don’t think I could fit any part of my body in this car, ha ha.  That reminds me, I had a dream last night I was jammed into a very small public transportation train.  I was in a small compartment.  As we made more stops, more people got on.  My compartment filled up fast, I guess, because I’m so big.  At the next stop, my compartment was so packed in and looked so funny, people couldn’t get on.  One guy on the platform took my photo!  How’s that for a dream?  I think I’m telling myself it’s time to lose weight.  Or I could be telling myself I needed to wake up.

Cara and I went to a wake and a funeral this past Sunday/Monday.  Cara’s Aunt Eileen passed away.  I met her a few times, she was really nice.  Eileen and Jimmy raised three great kids.  It was a nice send off.

R.I.P. Aunt Eileen