How was my weekend? Good, not great. It was very fast!  I got a flu shot.  The drug store only had 12 shots for the whole day. Sorry young and elderly, you snooze you lose! Bobby doesn’t want to get sick!  Ha ha.  The joke was on me…24 hours later I noticed my arm was bruised and swollen.

That’s what I get for trying to save money.  Stay away from used flu shots!

I went to the North Shore Animal League to check out some dogs.  I couldn’t find one.  It’s sad because they all need homes.  But I need a hypoallergenic dog.  I need a schnauzer.  I had a schnauzer when I was a kid.  His name was Max.

What a good guy.  Back in the day, didn’t they used to give away dogs by the box load?  You’d walk around and some kids would be giving away a box of dogs.  Now you have to pony up $800!  Thanks a lot, Bob Barker!