You know what I love? I know what you’re thinking, food and not exercising…no. I love the guitar! I love it so much I might learn how to play someday. I might even take lessons. However, I’m not quite there yet. Before I take lessons, I need to work on my sound! During the pandemic, I won a Super Bowl pool and put that money towards the best guitar and the best effects. This was the guitar I ended up with:

Beautiful, right? Yes BUT…it’s a semi-hollow and kinda big. Also, I could never really dial-in my sound. So, the guitar sat, unplayed, for over a year. Last weekend I loaded it up and took it to Guitar Center for a SWEET trade. The guitar I wanted wasn’t in stock, so I have to wait a month for them to get it. After a year of not playing, another month isn’t going to kill me.

While I was in Guitar Center, a customer grabbed a guitar and for over 30 minutes, this is what I and everybody in the store heard:

Isn’t that crazy? I was talking to the one of the employees and asked him if this happens regularly. He said it does…he was wearing earplugs!!! It was so bad! Why are people so clueless?! Have some pride! Practice in a dark room, alone, like I do!