I went to the mall this past weekend.  These crazy-looking shoes were the first thing I saw.  They are women’s shoes.  Who would wear these?  When I looked at shoes in the men’s section I was surprised by the prices.  For the past few years, I’ve been buying my shoes at the cheapest places I could find, ha ha.  $90 for sneakers…or as they call them in England, trainers, is too much.

On this same trip Cara and I enjoyed an early lunch at Johnny Rockets.  Mmmm, that burger hit the spot!  I used to hit Johnny Rockets in Hoboken semi regularly, back in the day.  I always hated how the staff had to dance when a certain song came on.  That’s time away from prepping my food, ha ha!

I didn’t find any Cyber Monday deals yesterday.  I was looking for something to POP out at me.  There are still plenty of shopping days left.  I like unique, personal gifts.  20% off of a coffee maker won’t cut it.

It’s cold and wet today.  It has been VERY COLD for a while now.  I know it’s November but I was hoping for a mild one.  I’m freezing!!!

Have a nice day.