My TV let me down last night. There was nothing on. I was forced to make my own viewing decision. I talked about this movie before — two-lane blacktop. Starring James Taylor and Dennis Wilson. Two drag racing drifters in a ’55 Chevy, racing a GTO across the country for pinks. I put that film in and it’s relaxation time.

Damn, this is my kind of film!

I got on the bus last night and the guy behind me started talking on his cell phone. I’m not going to say anything about the guy, I mean, I very easily could repeat the whole boring conversation but I won’t. Let me just quote him and I’ll let you be the judge. At one point, he said, “Dude, you kick ass and take names!” A whole bus ride of that crap. Enough said. Cell phones and people — what a lovely mix.

I got to thinking about my awful Diet Coke with Lemon purchase last night. The next thing I knew, I had a fish bowl full of the stuff. Not sure what my point was/is. Just taking a stab at art, I guess.

A fish bowl full of Diet Coke

(Bob needs a hobby)

Humid and sticky today. First rain, now unpleasantness — when will it end? Something odd happened to me last night. I got off the sofa and looked in the mirror. The odd thing was I was wearing a hat. I have no idea when I put the hat on — it was just there. What makes it even stranger is I’m not a hat guy. I only wear a hat in the rain.

Now for a new segment to I call it, Dreams I Kind of Remember. Here we go — I had a dream I was hanging out with a girl. It wasn’t a sexual dream, we were just simply spending time with each other. It was a nice feeling. Thank you, that was Dreams I Kind of Remember.

That’s it. Have a great day. God Bless America.

Ahhhhhh, nothing like a three day weekend. I kicked things off Friday night by watching Reservoir Dogs. That film still holds up.

Saturday, I woke up late and cleaned my apartment all day. I left the apartment once to grab some dinner. I enjoyed some chicken and green beans from Boston Market. It rained every day this weekend; yesterday, it rained all day. Hard to get motivated to do anything when it’s so gray out. I can’t remember what I watched Saturday night.

Sunday, I was minutes away from doing my laundry in Nutley when my friend Walter called. Walter suggested we play PS-2 all day. Great suggestion! I dropped my laundry bag and was on the PATH Train to NYC before I knew it. We played all day! That Tony Hawk 3 skateboard game is great!

Bob enjoys Tony Hawk 3

I got back to Hoboken around 10. Monday, I woke up and didn’t have to go to work. That was a great feeling. I picked up my laundry bag and drove to Nutley to the laundry mat. On my way,
something freaky happened. The roads were slick from the rain. I was driving up a hill and there were these birds in the road.

I kept getting closer and closer. They didn’t get out of my way! I ran over one, I think. I didn’t see anything in my rearview mirror but I heard one hit the bottom of my car. I couldn’t stop because there was a car behind me and I couldn’t swerve because the road was slick and I didn’t want to hit a car. Damn, I felt bad.

Bob may have killed

a bird yesterday

The rest of the day
just felt off. I should have loved every minute of my day off but after the bird thing – I felt like I was in a dream. Hard to explain really. I bought some Diet Coke with lemon flavor because it was on sale. I’m addicted to soda. I love the carbonation, those bubbles are great! I had a Diet lemon Coke with my dinner that night. Good Lord, that’s not a good taste. It tastes like a very strong mixed alcoholic drink. The worst! I should have spent the two extra bucks and bought some Mr. Pibb. I need to quit soda.

OK, I know this is a short recap after having a long weekend but I don’t mix well with rain. 5 straight days of rain. The sun’s out today, that’s something. I can’t believe it’s September.

That’s it. God Bless America.

Good day. Long day at work yesterday. I didn’t get home until 10:30. I made some phone calls. I was minutes away from dosing off on the sofa and then my friend Jeff called. He said, “G ‘N R” I said, what? He told me that Guns and Roses played at the MTV VMAs last night. I turned my TV on and they just started playing the show again. Axl was at the end of the show, the end of the show is 2:30am. I had to stay up, right? I left it on MTV and fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up at 2 am. I was out of it but I had enough sense to throw a tape in the VCR. Finally, at 7:30am I was able to see the return of Guns ‘n Roses.

Axl is back

I enjoyed it. It doesn’t feel like Guns ‘n Roses. When you change every member in the band except for one, you have to expect some change, ha ha. Axl looks different but I don’t look the same as I did 10 years ago either. I liked the new song they played. Good luck to them.

Another gloomy day in the city. They said we may see some sun this afternoon but I have my doubts. I was in the Hello Deli this morning and some old lady was in there listening to headphones. She made everyone in there listen to her headphones. “You want to hear something great, here, take these” she said. I avoided her like the plague and never made eye contact. I don’t like to play along with the odd people of the world. Anyway, various people listened and handed her the head phones back. She said, “That’s Celine Dion.” Wow.

On the bus ride in, we were merging into the Lincoln Tunnel. At this stage in the trip, I always like to look out the window at the people in their cars. Today, I saw a middle-aged man give the old “What the &**#, Come ON!” hand gesture. He’s driving his Lexus and getting upset because someone let another car in. Some old rich turd. Seeing that, makes me happy. Screw the rich, am I right people?!

Due to my late night, that’s all I can think of today — wait. Thanks to “Scott Henderson or Henderson-Scott.” He/She sent me a MP3 of the Missing Persons song I wanted to hear the other day. Thank you, that hit the spot this morning.

That is it. I just found out that I have Labor Day off. I’ll be back on Tuesday, September 3rd. Have a great weekend and a great holiday! God Bless America.

Today’s diary was the best I’ve ever written – funny, honest and heartfelt. Then my computer crashed on me, not once but twice. I didn’t use Word, so there was no backup copy. It’s gone and I’m super pissed. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I was in the diary zone too!

I lost the lottery too! 105 million down the tubes.
Yesterday, I had quite the adventure. I ran across a classified ad for a full-size video game. I practically grew up in an arcade but what am I going to do with a full-size game? This is no time to start making sense — I need that game! I called my friend / Webmaster, Walter, for advice. He said, buy it, if you don’t want it, I’ll take it. So now we’re both in this! The pressure. Sight unseen, I met his asking price. He said, someone’s looking at it around 8. Call back at 8:30 to see if it’s still for sale.

I get off the bus in Hoboken around 8:00. I got off in the middle of Hoboken. I was thinking, I don’t know where he lives; I’ll get off in the middle and split the difference. Around 8:20, I get cold feet and call Walter to talk me out of it. He says, “Go for it!” Thanks, Walter. I swear, we’re two idiots. I call the guy at 8:25 – the machine was sold. Damn.

The game was called Knock Out – a boxing game. I could have been playing my full-sized arcade game in my apartment last night. It wasn’t meant to be. But damn, I wanted that 18 year-old video game! Damn, damn, damn.

My message board is gone. Walter and I are looking for a new board as I write this. Hang in there. The company I was using, stopped their free service and I never got the e-mail. Thanks for the news, Minnie.

OK, I’m going to save this before I have to write it for the forth time. That’s it.

God Bless America.

Got home last night and I turned on the tube. That’s it. Now, I have to write about it. Nothing happened to me on the bus or on the walk home, nothing. And I just spent the last half hour in Photoshop, making a photo and then my computer crashed. Now where’s my inspiration, where?! Sometimes, I just don’t know. I guess I could talk about the annual staff photo but what is there to tell? You stand for the photo, they take the photo and that’s it. I took a photo of the photo but it’s just people standing there waiting for the photo to be taken.

My boss, Justin, brought in his Gameboy Advance yesterday. I played it for about ten minutes and wow, that’s a pretty cool little game. It’s like a palm sized video game system. Well, that’s exactly what it is. Damn, I have to get one of those. I didn’t get an x-box or a PS-2. Maybe this will be an inexpensive way for me to play games. I was thinking about getting a cell phone with games but this Gameboy thing is soooooo much better. I could ride the bus but instead of sitting there, I could play Ms. Pac-Man. I remember a time when I had a regular Playstation and I was on the brink of technology. Somewhere along the way, I got left behind. I’m glad I’m out, I couldn’t afford to keep up these days. Is anyone still reading this? Let me know on my message board.

When I came back from the A & P on Sunday, I did something different. I put the Diet Sprite cans in my fridge, upside down.

Upside down cans of Diet Sprite

I thought to myself, you’ve been putting them right-side up for all these years and where’s that got you? I didn’t have a good answer. I took one out last night and you know what, I think it was colder. Isn’t that crazy?

You know, I’ve been doing this for quite some time, they can’t all be winners. Remember last Thursday’s diary? Wow, that was something. OK, that’s it.

God Bless America.