Yesterday I asked to hear from everyone on my message board. I wanted to get a rough count of ‘real’ users that check out my website. Well, wouldn’t you know it, they were fixing their website all day and left me hanging! What a pain in the butt! That’s what I get for using a crap board. It’s free, don’t ya know.

Something different today – I’m writing and posting this diary Thursday night. I thought I’d update my site from home so I could sleep in a little Friday morning. I usually get up at 6 am. 7 years ago, I set my alarm that early so I wouldn’t be late for my new job — I never really changed it. It’s been so busy this week, I feel like I need sleep. I went to bed at 10:30 last night. That’s early for me.

Because of this very special edition and because I don’t really have a lot to talk about – I’ve decided to add a new level of excitement to today’s diary. What new level of excitement you ask? That’s right, booze. For every paragraph I write in today’s diary, I’m going to drink a can of beer. Enjoy.

Three paragraphs, three beers.

Bob is hanging tough.

I’m so sick of the state of music today. All of the sudden, I’m being inundated with ‘garage bands’ — they’re all the same! Three chords, played fast and loud. These new bands are the new Teen Pop that was shoved down our throats. I’m not buying it! All I want is the
Foo Fighters. That Dave Grohl is one talented SOB. He was back behind the skins on the Queens of the Stone Age CD, and that rocks! Foo Fighters’ new CD, One by One, comes out 10/22. It’s the little things. Why does Moby sell all his songs? Well, that was a stupid question. The answer, of course, is money. Good for him.

What else? You know what I’m sick of also? Money. More specifically, not having any. I’m 32; I’d like to drive a car that wasn’t built in the eighties! Blah blah blah!!!! I’m sick of hearing myself talk!

I’m not looking forward to Halloween this year. I told this story before but one year while I was walking home in Hoboken – some punk kids hit me with an egg! The egg broke skin too! Hell, the first diary of this site, I told you how my candy got stolen when I was a kid. Traumatic? You bet your sweet – you better believe it! I think I may have had too much.

6 beers – Bob

doesn’t feel so good

This diary wasn’t such a great idea. I ended up just getting angry. Hey! I think I saw
Michelle Pfeiffer on the subway yesterday. I forgot to mention that. I doubt it was her but she was FINE!

That’s it! Have a great weekend. God Bless America. does not condone drinking. The use of Coors Light in today’s diary was for entertainment purposes only.

Hello. I haven’t checked my ‘hits’ for in a long time. I guess I could check it myself but I like to meet and greet the fine people checking out my website. If you wouldn’t mind, drop me a note on my horrible, pop up riddled message board. Just say Hi. And no, it’s not a contest. I’m just curious to see how many unique hits I get on an average day.

Speaking of my message board. If you’ve read my message board I’m sure you’ve seen the numerous posts of an English gentleman that goes by the name of Carl. Well, Carl came by the show last night to say hello to another staffer, Tim Mann.

Tim Mann

(file photo)

Tim has been showing Carl and his friend Simon around for about a week. Actually, they’ve been enjoying their fair share of
pints, ha ha. I met Carl and his friend Simon. They were good people. Carl even invited me out for a drink but I had to decline.
Back, L to R: Carl, Bob

Front: Simon

It was
nice to meet you guys. Sorry I didn’t want to go out, I had a busy day and was tired.

I got home last night and watched Junkyard Wars. It was the only thing on at nine o’clock. I’m cutting it really short today, as I have nothing else to say.

That’s it. God Bless America.

Today is all about getting over the hump! I rode the bus home last night with my friend Tiffany. Two people, exhausted from working all day trying to have a conversation, that’s always fun, ha ha.

I don’t know what the heck to talk about today. I’ve been writing this diary since October of 2000. There have been some real stinky diaries since’s debut. I’m not ashamed to admit that, that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

I did do something fun last night. I put in a great videotape that I borrowed from the show. Telly Savalas’ The ABC’s of Winning Blackjack.

Bob picked up some Blackjack
tips from Telly Savalas

What a great tape! I learned a lot more about the game. Telly’s a great teacher — Here’s what I learned from the tape:

Telly’s 10 Commandments

1. Keep Your Emotions Under Control
2. Expect To Win
3. Don’t Even Think Blackjack If You’re Under The Weather
4. Focus On The Dealer
5. Drink At The Bar Not At The Table
6. Be Comfortable
7. Know How Much To Lose and How Much To Win
8. Use Rent Money To Pay The Rent
9. Know How To Bet
10. Remember The Other Nine (Commandments)

What a great video! Telly’s Ten Commandments are in the video, cool! I also watched the rest of A Hard Day’s Night. I liked it but didn’t love it. I enjoyed it more for the historical significance. Now, I’m going to sell it, ha ha.

That’s it for me. Have a great day. God Bless America

Hello. I got home last night and watched Monster Garage on Discovery. I like watching shows about cars. But they do this stupid challenge at the end. It just seems very forced, very phony. I feel the same way about TLC’s While You Were Out. The show sends away one family member, usually to a spa, while the other relative redecorates a room. They do these stupid multiple-choice challenges where you can win something for the room. Totally messes up the flow of the show. Junkyard Wars isn’t that appealing to me this season. The host/producer left to do another show and it’s just missing something. And it’s filmed outside and has a washed out look to it. I love TV.

You know what I’m sick of? I’m so sick of these politicians and their sweetheart deals for the special interest! Man, that breaks my hump! Come Election Day, that’s number one on my list – that and no more telemarketers. I got home last night and I had three messages on my machine. I was feeling pretty good. I enjoyed my newly self-proclaimed title of Mr. Popular. Mr. Popular didn’t check the machine right away. Let them wait until I’m ready to respond to them. Turned out that every call was an automated message trying to sell me some crap I don’t need. Telemarketers are just doing their job but I ain’t buying! Do you hear me telemarketers?!

When I was walking back from Walter’s house on Sunday I looked down the street and I could see it coming: There’s a guy with a coffee cup begging for some coin. I hate this situation. Early on, when I had some spare change, I’d hook someone up. But now, I leave that to the tourists. I’d like to help everybody but I simply can’t. I must look like a sucker, these guys always ask me for something.

Does this look like

the face of a sucker?

Getting back to the guy, this guy has a different approach. He said, “How are you doing?” I thought to myself, this guy cares how I’m doing, how nice. Then he says, “Hey Big Man, help a brother out.” Big Man! Is this the way to panhandle? He had me at ‘How are you doing’ but lost me with ‘Big Man.’ I am a big man but I don’t like to be reminded of that all the time. I kept walking.
Big Man! Why don’t the homeless give me the respect I deserve?! Ha ha. I got off track today, not sure how that happened.

That’s it! God Bless America.

Another weekend has come and gone — nothing but mere memories of good times and pleasant relaxation. It all started off:

Friday night, I picked up some Mexican food, cracked myself open a beer and then the film, The King of Comedy came on. What a perfect evening. I forgot how great that movie is.

Saturday, I woke up and drove to the old big and tall store to buy some new clothes. What the hell ever happened to cargo pants?! For two years straight, nothing but cargo pants, now, nothing. I liked those! Very comfortable and they’re appropriate office wear, at least in my office. Anyway, I found some good stuff and I’m a little better prepared for Fall now. After that, I drove to Nutley to do my laundry. That’s always fun.

Saturday night, I had plans to have dinner with my friend Tiffany. The plan was to do something fun/different. Nothing says fun/different like lobster. We went to the fish store and picked up some lobsters, four to be exact. I know what you’re saying, “damn, that’s a lot of lobster!” but they were small. They only had one big one and we thought the smaller ones might be better. We also picked up some mussels.

Bob gets ready to cook

up a lobster

we had fun cooking that stuff up. Tiffany was going to steam the mussels but I saw Wolfgang Puck sauté them once. If it’s good enough for Puck, it should be good enough for us. Damn, they were sooooo good.
Tiffany with the finished


I ate two lobsters and some
mussels – great stuff.

Sunday, I cleaned my apartment. Then, I went into the city to play some PS2 with my friend Walter. We got some dinner and played Stuntman and Tony Hawk 3. Damn good games!

Stuntman is hard but fun

What a great weekend! That’s it!
Have a great day. God Bless America.

Today’s Diary Word of the Day is: Damn. Go back and count how many times I said the word, ‘Damn’ — go on, it’s fun!