I was inspired last night. The photo of Prince on my website yesterday made me think about a super group. If I could get three of my favorite musicians together who would they be and why? First I’ll show the photo I worked on for an hour and then I’ll explain.

Bob’s daydreaming


The Ultimate Band:

Prince: Guitar and Lead vocals. Prince is a musical genius, great composer, musician and performer.
Mike Watt: Bass and vocals. Mike Watt is as versatile as they come. Great musician, great singer and puts on a hell of a show.
Tommy Lee: Drums. Probably the best rock drummer out there, plus, his drum set can play upside down – always a crowd pleaser.

But now that I think about it, Prince’s ex-wife is engaged to Tommy Lee, damn! That seems to be a conflict. Again, I spent an hour on that photo and it isn’t even remotely feasible now. That sucks.

This may come to you as surprise but I didn’t do much last night. I got off the bus and played the lotto, I’m hoping I’ll win. On my way back to my crib I ran into my friend Tiffany, she was carrying a lot of laundry. I helped her carry some home, wasn’t that nice of me? I think I’m going to start complimenting myself from now on. That might create some uniquely awkward social situations. I’m doing a really great job with today’s diary. See what I mean, awkward.

Two nice moments from yesterday: #1 I didn’t move my car for street sweeping because it was covered in snow. I said to myself are you willing to risk the $25 ticket because you’re too lazy to wipe the snow off? Sadly, the answer was yes. But as it turns out, I didn’t get a ticket – YEAH!
#2 – On the bus ride home, I put on my headphones and my surroundings became not so harsh. I could see the jackasses around me talking on their cell phones but I was happily listening to Elliot Smith. If you’re keeping score: Bob 2, world 0.

Can you get a runner’s high from walking up a flight of stairs? It may be time for Bobby to slim down. I’ve been bulking up for summer, probably not a smart idea.

OK, that’s all I got! I could put Buddy Rich in Tommy Lee’s spot but Buddy Rich is no longer with us. Oh well.

God Bless America.

In the words of Prince, Sometimes it Snows in April.

New York City on Monday

(OK, Prince wasn’t really there)

Snow was the big story yesterday. I’ve had it with the snow! I’m sick of snow. I’d like the snow to end. They said we’d get about 6 inches, I’d say we got around 3. By the time I was walking home around 6:45, it was already slush. Tomorrow, it will be a lovely New York City black. Disgusting.

How about all those photos coming out of Baghdad? I love seeing our troops in Saddam’s mansion. Damn evil dictators.

I was wiped out yesterday. I couldn’t get to sleep Sunday night for anything. I probably got around 3 or 4 hours of shuteye. I think I chilled out so much during the day that my body didn’t know it was time to sleep. And that damn daylight savings time!

The big NCAA game was last night. I played The Legend of Zelda. I’m moving along quite nicely thank you very much. Back to the NCAA, congrats to the winner – I find basketball to be boring. It always seems to come down to the last few seconds. Hey, now that I think about it, that’s kind of exciting.

That’s it! Have a great day. Today’s diary may seem short but did you see that photo of Prince? Well OK then.



Cripes did I have an uneventful weekend! It all started off Friday night when I came home and did absolutely nothing. That morning, there was a fire on Washington Street. A diner and about 8 apartments were ruined. What a shame. Hoboken seems to be having some bad luck right now.

Saturday, I woke up around 11:30. The plan was to get my laundry and shopping out of the way so I could have a free day on Sunday. Before I did that, for the third weekend in a row I went to the going out of business sale at The Wiz. I’m still hoping to run into a $50 Tivo, ha ha. They did have 40% off all DVDs and CDs this week. I picked up a movie from 1956 called Seconds starring Rock Hudson but more on that later. It was slim pickings this week, everything was picked over, this is the last weekend I’m going to check it out. Who am I kidding, I’ll be back next weekend – I love a sale!

Saturday night I cooked up some Shake ‘n Bake chicken legs and macaroni for dinner. The chicken legs were the consistency of rubber. I think Perdue slipped one past me, bastards. Thank goodness for the mac and cheese, I could have starved! While I was “enjoying” my dinner I watched my new DVD Seconds. Man, that was a good one! It reminded me of a low-rent Vanilla Sky. And that Rock Hudson, easy on the eyes, am I right ladies?

Sunday I woke up around 11:30, damn day light savings time messed up my schedule of doing nothing. I watched some tube, hung around and before I knew it, it was 8pm. I didn’t leave my apartment yesterday or for that matter,bathe. Here’s a photo:

Weekend Bob

The red arrow on my shirt denotes the white powder from a powdered donut from much earlier in the day, OK, donuts. I find it hard to believe that I’m still single, oh well.

So that’s it, another one for the books! I’m going to take a shower. Have a great day!

God Bless America.

Friday, Friday, Friday! I’m working for the WEEKEND, am I right people?! Well, that was an obnoxious start to the diary. But amazingly, I spelled obnoxious correctly on the very first try.

I had a busy workweek but it was very rewarding. I’m so glad my boss is back and is on the mend. I’ve recently discovered that I like being busy; it’s a new sensation for me, ha ha.

After a long day yesterday, I got home, wrote this diary and then played a new Gamecube game — The Legend of Zelda. It’s like playing a cartoon!

Bob’s been playing

video games for

I’ll play it more over the weekend but so far, so good. I need more time to play games! I have to play the lotto tonight. I don’t need to win the crazy 200 million jackpot, all I need is a few million and all will be right with the world.

I was standing on the bus last night because seats were few and far between. I didn’t want to be the guy to shoehorn his large butt next to someone and make both people uncomfortable all for the “luxury” of sitting down. Anyway, we get to a bus stop; I look behind me and see people getting up. I move up but have to stop and let the people in front of me off because they’re walking towards me. I’m waiting for the people in front and a guy behind me says in kind of self-serving way, “You getting off?” I put my head down and had to catch myself because I had a sudden urge to snap that guy’s neck like a twig. I’M WAITING FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE TO GET OFF, YOU JERK! Of course I’m going to move so you can get off! It’s not my first time on the damn bus! And it wasn’t like the doors closed and we were pulling away, the bus was parked and the doors were WIDE open. I’m getting upset again just thinking about it – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2; OK I’m better.

That’s it! Have a great weekend!



Day reminder: Today is Thursday. Welcome to BobBorden.com! I took the train back to Hoboken last night. It was frustrating because the train was held in the station for about thirty minutes due to a police action. Unfortunately, a police officer in Hoboken was shot last night. I believe that was the delay. On my walk home I noticed: helicopters circling overhead, people gathering around the hospital, police cars everywhere and satellite trucks driving around looking for the story. It was surreal. As of this writing the officer’s wounds weren’t life threatening, thankfully. There was also another officer shot in Jersey City. Crazy.

Time for a new segment to BobBorden.com, I call it, BobBorden.com’s Viewer’s Choice. You write to me and tell me what you’d like to see on BobBorden.com and I’ll do it. Today’s letter is from Mark. Mark is a frequent contributor to my message board. Mark writes (Letter edited to suit my needs):

“Hello Bob,
I’d like to see you drink an Imported Beer. Go on Bob, enjoy yourself; you deserve it!
Your loyal reader,

Thanks Mark. Well, you asked for it, you got it:

Bob enjoys an

Imported Beer

AHHHHHHH!! Thanks Mark! I did enjoy myself. And that’s how you play BobBorden.com’s Viewer’s Choice. Oh Sweet Elixir, houst thou love thee!

I wish Hong Kong Phooey were on right now, damn TV. I’m dangerously close to buying a Tivo.

I think I’m out of stuff to talk about. Hold on, let me check – yep, that’s all I got!