Hello. Wednesday already, time does fly. I get on the bus last night, sit down and then I heard the microphone being adjusted. Damn, I got on the bus with the crazy driver again. This guy loves to ride the mic! You’d think he was a DJ at a club. “Welcome to the 7:30 bus back to Hoboken. Tonight we’ll be cruising at a speed of 35 miles-an-hour and at varying altitudes. The first available stop is 19th Street.” AND SO ON! The guy turned off the ventilation so he could hear himself! It makes me crazy! I said this before but on top of that, the guy can’t drive — A lot of slamming on the brakes, a lot of horn honking and a lot of the tires rubbing against curbs. Never again!

I like this new Coldplay CD. It’s pretty mellow but darn good. It’d be a great record to play when you’re driving. Also playing on my turntable right now, A Tribe Called Quest‘s People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. Great CD – Q-tip can rock the mic! Old school Hip-Hop done right. “Can I Kick It? Yes you can!

I didn’t do much last night, surprise, surprise, but I’m happy so what the hell.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, without further adieu – The winner of yesterday’s Free Soap contest is: Mark Nelson. Congrats. Send me
your info and I’ll send you some soap.

I’m enjoying giving stuff away! So, let’s do another contest! I call this one: Win Bob Borden’s Hong Kong Version of the Film Jackie Brown Contest.

People really win

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Tell me you want to win on my board and you’ll be in it to win it! I bought this DVD years ago before the studio version of Jackie Brown was available. In Hong Kong they call it Dangerous Liaisons, ha ha. Good Luck and remember, people really win on BobBorden.com!

That’s it!

God Bless America.

Good day to you. I didn’t make it to the A & P this weekend. That became all to obvious yesterday morning when I shook the last possible drop of deodorant out of the bottle. Last night, I went to the drug store to replenish my stock. I found my brand but the price was way too high. I pay about $3.50 and they jacked the price up to $4.99! On top of that the bottle was filthy! It looked like it fell off the truck and into a puddle of mud. I said to myself, screw this. I got back to Hoboken and went to a drug store. They had my brand but it was scented, I hate scented deodorant! I went to another store; they didn’t have my brand at all! Is this a conspiracy? Was I being followed? I went to a fourth store and finally, they had it at a fair price. Crazy. It’s not like I was looking for some kind of special foreign-made deodorant of the Gods – I just wanted unscented Dry Idea! It drove me nuts. But the upside is I found a new soap. The folks over at Irish Spring have done it again with a new scent – Icy Blast, whatever the hell that means. I like unscented deodorant but enjoy the fresh, crisp scent of soap – go figure.

I read a magazine article today and the writer used the phrase, “arguably the best actor of his generation”. I think that’s cheating. It means nothing. You can write that about anything! Bob Borden is arguably the best love maker of his generation. See, it’s stupid! Another over-used expression “post 9/11” and “It’s the economy – again!” There has to be a better way to get your point across, right?

I watched some tube and listened to some music last night. I needed some chill time after a very busy Monday.

If you’ll remember the first paragraph of today’s diary you’ll recall talk of a new soap on the market. Well, I’m proud to announce that BobBorden.com and Irish Spring have teamed up for an exciting new BobBorden.com contest. It’s called the I Want an Autographed Free Bar of Soap Contest!


Tell me you want to win on my message board and you’ll be in it to win it! Good luck – results in tomorrow’s diary.

That’s it!

God Bless America.

Hello. I saw Old School Friday night with my friends: Chris, Jay, Walter and “Sally”. It was a really funny movie! Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughan were so funny. Go see it for them: the story isn’t so great.

Saturday I was prepared to sleep until noon but some barking dogs had other plans. Damn those barking dogs! This diary is brought to you by Cats – Cats: the perfect pet. I made the best of getting up early and walked up to the laundry mat. I had a trouble free laundry experience. I walked home to regroup. I decided to get a haircut.The rain was ridiculous. My pants, jacket and shoes were soaked to the bone. But I have to say, I kind of enjoyed it – the thought of calling off my haircut plans never entered my mind. I was driven and I was wet.

Bob’s new haircut

I got the haircut, walked around, did some window-shopping and came back home. It felt great to get out of those wet clothes. I borrowed the movie About A Boy from my friend Jay. I’m not a fan of Hugh Grant’s films so Jay really had to sell me on it. I enjoyed it! Who would have thought it?! I ate a burrito for dinner, watched some TV and called it a night.

Sunday I woke up early again. It was still raining. I’m sick of the rain. I watched The Fast and the Furious for the first time. It was what it was. After that, I washed my curtains and rearranged some stuff in my apartment. I only left my apartment once on Sunday. I went to the store to buy some soda. That’s about it.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Bob Borden will now announce the winner of the BobBorden.com’s Win a 4-year-old Autographed Headshot of Bob Borden Contest! And the winner is: Lady Liberty. Congratulations! Send your shipping information to me and I’ll put it in the mail today, more like tomorrow. Thanks for playing BobBorden.com’s Win a 4-year-old Autographed Headshot of Bob Borden Contest. People really win on BobBorden.com!

That’s it for today.

God Bless America.

There’s a song on the new Beck CD that just breaks my heart. The 4th track, Lonesome Tears, so good! BobBorden.com recommends Beck’s Sea Change.

I got home late last night after a long day at work. I had a very good, very busy day – I like keeping busy. Anyway, I crashed on the sofa and somehow managed to catch two cool things on TV. The first was Johnny Carson on the old Late Night show. It was fantastic! Eddie Van Halen was sitting in with the band and Dave interviewed a prickly Lee Marvin – I love catching those old shows, they’re like time capsules of popular culture. Dave said to Eddie, something like — Does Dave (Lee Roth) get on your nerves? – Eddie hid behind his guitar and nodded yes. So great!

The second cool thing I saw was this show on BBC America, The Office. I’ve been hearing good things and this was the first time I was able to catch it. I only saw the last 20 minutes but it was very funny/clever. I need a Tivo! I may break down and get one, one of these days. The Office airs again on Sunday at 10:40, I’m going to check it out.

The weekend is here! This week went by pretty fast. The snow pile covering my car is slowly melting. Beautiful day yesterday — I would describe it as a crisp day. I’m going to see Old School tonight, I’m looking forward to that – I’m looking for some solid, mindless entertainment.

And now it’s time for a new feature to BobBorden.com, I call it: BobBorden.com’s Win a 4-year-old Autographed Headshot of Bob Borden Contest. Simply tell me you want to win on my message board and you’ll be entered in the drawing for this lovely item:

BobBorden.com’s Win a 4-year-old

Autographed Headshot of
Bob Borden

This photo is suitable for framing and I will write my autograph on my chin (Sadly, the photographer chose that as a focal point). I’m keeping this contest open all weekend and I’ll announce the winner in Monday’s diary. That’s how you play BobBorden.com’s Win a 4-year-old Autographed Headshot of Bob Borden Contesttell your friends!

That’s it for another week. Have a great weekend!

God Bless America.

I’m 7 songs into the new Beck CD, so far, so good. Beck’s got the blues and he’s got ‘em bad. I don’t mind a sad song. That’s life; it can’t all be beer and candy bars.

I walked by my car last night and I’m happy to report that the snow is melting nicely. I should be able to take her for a spin by Saturday.

I don’t have a lot on my mind right now. I just listened to music and flipped the channels around last night. I also put in some quality cat time. I introduced some new cat toys. My cats were amazed for about 5 seconds. I tried.

I’m thinking about ending today’s diary here for today. I’m kind of tired right now. My Wednesday was one for the books. Where are those books anyway? To make my diary a little longer, I’m just going to steal an old diary from my former intern, Rick. The link to Rick’s website is on my links page. So, without further adieu, here’s some stuff I stole from Rick’s website:

(From Rick’s site)

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
I say the same things every week And in keeping with that grandois tradition: I just watched my tape of last nights “24.” I started watching laying on my bed. Then I was sitting at the edge of the bed. Then, by the last 10 minutes I was standing up. Inches from the television with my hand over my mouth. SHOCKING! I kind of had a feeling that the craziness was just a tactic, but still, when you see it happen it makes you jump. I jumped. I literally jumped while watching this show. I remember when I saw Panic Room in the theatre and how I thought it was so extremely suspenseful and I was on the edge of my seat. Nothing compared to this seasons ’24.’ It makes me want to see last seasons, but– I kind of like just going on from here. Going backward seems counter-productive.
That’s probably why I put off watching any new Soprano’s until I saw all of the old ones.



–That’s it! God Bless America. Bigger diary tomorrow, I promise.