Hello. On the surface, I didn’t have that great of a weekend. But if you were to look a little deeper, you’d find action, intrigue and betrayal. I started things off on Friday night. I didn’t have anything planned and I ended up in the record store. I was deep into the ritual of trying to figure out what to buy. Finally, I had to force myself to just get something, anything! I ended up buying Queens of the Stone Age. Coincidentally, they’re on the Late Show tonight. Anyway, DAMN, that’s a great CD. It was $9.99 and it includes a great DVD of the band playing live. I enjoyed a lovely burrito for dinner and enjoyed some good tunes.

Saturday, I woke up and watched this weird film, The Minus Man. I liked it but I think I need to see it again. The first movie of the day is always the hardest to get your head around. After that, I got in the old car and headed off to Nutley to do my laundry. There were only two people in there. I made calls on my cell while my clothes were washing. I was talking to my Mom when I noticed some planes skywriting. It was really neat! 5 planes, in perfect sequence, writing out this: “Guaranteed for 21 years.” There was a phone number afterwards, I never did find out what was guaranteed. When I put my clothes in to dry, I went into the pizza place next door for some lunch. Damn, they have great pizza!

I was putting my laundry in my trunk when I got a call on my cell. My friend Paula was in the city working on something for the show. Turns out they needed someone to do something on camera. You dangle that carrot in front of my face and my answer will always be -where and when. The time was 4:00 – I had to be in the city by 6:00.

4:00 – Got in the car and drove like a bat out of hell back to Hoboken.
4:15 – Park car, run upstairs and change my clothes.
4:25 – Leave apartment, walk to the PATH station.
4:43 – Sitting on the PATH train and it’s not moving.
4:55 – PATH train finally takes off.
5:10 – Get to 33rd Street and have to transfer to the B or D train to take me to 42nd street.
5:20 – Get to 42nd and go above ground to walk.
5:24 – Above ground, check message on cell phone. It’s Paula. Turns out she didn’t need me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I told Paula that I’m going to hate her until Monday. Then, when I got back to Hoboken at 6:00, I called her and told her I was sorry for saying such a thing. I’m not about hate, only love.

After that defeat, I called some friends to ask them if they wanted to have dinner with me. No one was around! I went to Boston Market and got some chicken.

Sunday, I woke up and drove to the A & P. I picked up a frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza for lunch. I cooked it up and cut it. Huh, that’s odd, this is really tough to cut. I put it back in because I thought it was still frozen. Took it out and again, still very, very difficult to cut. Upon further investigation, I noticed that there was a piece of cardboard under the pizza!

Bob cooked his pizza on cardboard

I couldn’t believe it! The cardboard and pizza fused together to become one. I scraped the pizza off and put it back into the oven. What a mess and oddly, it wasn’t that good, ha ha. Bastards! After that, it was over to Walter’s house to play video games. Nicest day of the year and we’re playing games – for the second weekend in a row!

Bob and Walter play video games

I like video games. I got home around 9:00, talked on the phone and called it a night. I had a good weekend.

That’s it. Have a good day. God Bless America.

Hello. Friday!!! OK, I’m confused by the NFL kickoff concert that was held in Times Square yesterday. From my vantage point, it was a colossal failure but from reading the stories on the internet, it was a raging success. From noon to 11 pm, 38th to 57th Streets were closed off. The event started at 4:30. I took this photo at 5:30:

Streets were blocked off –

it didn’t seem that crowded

There were police everywhere for crowd control but they were just standing around for 90% of the day. It’s hard to control a crowd that isn’t there. My point is this: the whole event seemed like awaste of resources. The NFL put on a concert, shut down Times Square, 5700 police were on hand, The Governor and the Mayor spoke and somehow they managed to throw in a 9/11 tribute. How’s that saying go — Jack-of-all-trades, master of none? Anything’s possible these days if you have the wallet to make it happen.

Hey, that seems like a real commentary — so unlike BobBorden.com. It had to be said. If you’re a member of the press, please feel free to quote me.

Last night I had quite the adventure. I answered a classified ad for a $40 video camera and we agreed that I’d pick it up last night, around 10. We had such a great exchange about the camera. She, Lori, said it works and I said, what the hell, for $40, I’ll take it. I’m quite the negotiator.

I got there around 10 and Brian, her husband, let me in. I got the vibe right away that he was good people — that was a relief because you don’t really want to buy something from a jerk, ha ha. He even knew about my hometown, Steubenville, Ohio – that’s always a good sign. So, I was checking out the camera when Lori came home. It’s her camera and she was kind enough to show me the accessories and features.

I recorded something quick just to test it out. When I played it back, the tracking or something seemed to be out of whack. Damn. It worked very well the last time they used it but that was a while ago. We sat there troubleshooting but it didn’t want to play along. I was ready to leave and then I thought to myself, this is a good story for the website, I wonder if they’ll let me take their picture?

Brian and Lori almost sold

Bob a video camera

When I got outside, I checked out my cell phone and it was 10:50! I didn’t realize I was in their home for close to an hour! They probably thought I was never going to leave! They’re going to check the camera and if they find the fault, they’re going to get back in touch. Cool. If not, it was nice to meet you guys, congratulations on your marriage.

To recap yesterday, I got to work at 8 and got back home around 11. Wow.

That’s it. Have a great weekend. I feel like driving to Atlantic City, I haven’t hit the tables in a while. God Bless America.

I typed up my diary, clicked on the button to add a photo and my computer froze. Lost it all! That has happened more than I care to remember. Needless to say, my creative energy is below zero because of the mishap.

There’s a big concert in Times Square today. It’s a concert put on by the NFL. It’s going to close down the city later this afternoon. And now for a new feature to BobBorden.com, I call it –

BobBorden.com’s Uninformed Commentary on Current Events. Here we go — If the NFL worried half as much about its players as they worried about putting on a rock ‘n roll show, maybe there wouldn’t be a baseball strike — Ever think about that NFL?

– That was BobBorden.com’s Uninformed Commentary on Current Events, thank you, thank you very much.

The NFL has loud speakers

on every block. Is this necessary?
And who’s that guy?

I’m making an exciting purchase tonight. I’m buying a video camera for $40. I saw an ad in the classifieds and I thought to myself, why the hell not? I’m going to tape every minute of my life — EVERY MINUTE. I’ll know more about that tomorrow.

I don’t have a whole lot today. I was hanging out with my friends Walter and Jay last night at work. I didn’t get home until late, late for me anyway. I ended up talking on the phone and getting some quality cat time in.

That’s it. Have a great day. God Bless America.

My TV let me down last night. There was nothing on. I was forced to make my own viewing decision. I talked about this movie before — two-lane blacktop. Starring James Taylor and Dennis Wilson. Two drag racing drifters in a ’55 Chevy, racing a GTO across the country for pinks. I put that film in and it’s relaxation time.

Damn, this is my kind of film!

I got on the bus last night and the guy behind me started talking on his cell phone. I’m not going to say anything about the guy, I mean, I very easily could repeat the whole boring conversation but I won’t. Let me just quote him and I’ll let you be the judge. At one point, he said, “Dude, you kick ass and take names!” A whole bus ride of that crap. Enough said. Cell phones and people — what a lovely mix.

I got to thinking about my awful Diet Coke with Lemon purchase last night. The next thing I knew, I had a fish bowl full of the stuff. Not sure what my point was/is. Just taking a stab at art, I guess.

A fish bowl full of Diet Coke

(Bob needs a hobby)

Humid and sticky today. First rain, now unpleasantness — when will it end? Something odd happened to me last night. I got off the sofa and looked in the mirror. The odd thing was I was wearing a hat. I have no idea when I put the hat on — it was just there. What makes it even stranger is I’m not a hat guy. I only wear a hat in the rain.

Now for a new segment to BobBorden.com. I call it, Dreams I Kind of Remember. Here we go — I had a dream I was hanging out with a girl. It wasn’t a sexual dream, we were just simply spending time with each other. It was a nice feeling. Thank you, that was Dreams I Kind of Remember.

That’s it. Have a great day. God Bless America.

Ahhhhhh, nothing like a three day weekend. I kicked things off Friday night by watching Reservoir Dogs. That film still holds up.

Saturday, I woke up late and cleaned my apartment all day. I left the apartment once to grab some dinner. I enjoyed some chicken and green beans from Boston Market. It rained every day this weekend; yesterday, it rained all day. Hard to get motivated to do anything when it’s so gray out. I can’t remember what I watched Saturday night.

Sunday, I was minutes away from doing my laundry in Nutley when my friend Walter called. Walter suggested we play PS-2 all day. Great suggestion! I dropped my laundry bag and was on the PATH Train to NYC before I knew it. We played all day! That Tony Hawk 3 skateboard game is great!

Bob enjoys Tony Hawk 3

I got back to Hoboken around 10. Monday, I woke up and didn’t have to go to work. That was a great feeling. I picked up my laundry bag and drove to Nutley to the laundry mat. On my way,
something freaky happened. The roads were slick from the rain. I was driving up a hill and there were these birds in the road.

I kept getting closer and closer. They didn’t get out of my way! I ran over one, I think. I didn’t see anything in my rearview mirror but I heard one hit the bottom of my car. I couldn’t stop because there was a car behind me and I couldn’t swerve because the road was slick and I didn’t want to hit a car. Damn, I felt bad.

Bob may have killed

a bird yesterday

The rest of the day
just felt off. I should have loved every minute of my day off but after the bird thing – I felt like I was in a dream. Hard to explain really. I bought some Diet Coke with lemon flavor because it was on sale. I’m addicted to soda. I love the carbonation, those bubbles are great! I had a Diet lemon Coke with my dinner that night. Good Lord, that’s not a good taste. It tastes like a very strong mixed alcoholic drink. The worst! I should have spent the two extra bucks and bought some Mr. Pibb. I need to quit soda.

OK, I know this is a short recap after having a long weekend but I don’t mix well with rain. 5 straight days of rain. The sun’s out today, that’s something. I can’t believe it’s September.

That’s it. God Bless America.