Another bus ride, another overheard cell phone conversation. When will people ever learn? I’m sitting two seats in front of some guy that’s talking way too loud. He says, “Oh my God, she said that?! She’s cutting deep with that!” Go home and talk on the phone! Save your “cool witticisms” for your frat buddies!

Guess who went out last night? That’s right, I did! I wasn’t going to go, then my friend Lee said, “Why don’t you go out?” Then I thought; why don’t I go out? Here’s a photo of my friend Pam and I:

From L to R – Pam, Bob

I’ve never been happier, I can’t speak for Pam, ha ha. I had a good time until I picked a piece of skin off my lip (chapped lips) and I struck oil. Yuk. Nothing sexier than a large man, wearing his winter coat at the bar, with a bleeding lip – But, I went out, so what the hell. Now I don’t have to go out for at least another year.

You know, it’s late and I’ve run out of entertaining stories. My Sunday is looking very promising but I can’t talk about that yet. Stay tuned. Until Monday, have a good one.

God Bless America.

It’s Thursday! I bet I’m the only guy in America that opened his door last night and said to his cats, “What’s up in the hizzy?

I got another letter addressed: To Our Single Friend – What the hell? They really know how to rub it in! I’m fat too but thank God I never got a letter addressed: To Lard Ass. Being single and fat aren’t points of pride. Why not address a letter: To Nice Guy. That’s something I’d open! It’s all about marketing.

I was walking home and I overheard another neat conversation. Two women were walking past and I heard: “If I would have been at ‘Jim’s’ I would have kicked her ass!” Ha ha, isn’t that funny?! Mom, the search is over, I found her, the girl of my dreams!

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to listen to some Buck Owens. Today, I’m in the mood for some Roy Clark!


I’m going to find some of their Cds this weekend come hell or high water!

I think you’ll agree when you look back at today’s diary that it wasn’t about quantity but quality. In other words, that’s all I got!

God Bless America.

I was in the record store last night looking for some Buck Owens. The idea of kicking back and listening to some Buck Owens pleases me.

Buck Owens

But alas, they didn’t have any Buck. They did have more NEW COUNTRY than you could
shake a stick at! Too bad.

On my way out of the store I looked at the musical acts coming through town. Holy crap! Mike Watt’s touring!

Mike Watt’s coming to a town near you!

I didn’t buy a ticket at that time because I wasn’t sure if it conflicted with a vacation. On my walk home I thought of a brilliant idea! For my vacation, I’ll offer, free of charge, my services as a roadie. They’d get free labor and I’d get the experience of a lifetime. After checking though, my schedule won’t allow it. Damn. I would have loved to do that. Oh well, I’ll buy my tickets tonight.

In other news, there’s not a lot going on. I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things after my week off. The guest host shows keep me busy but not as busy as I’m accustomed to when Dave’s here. I hope he feels better soon.

That’s all I have today. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

God Bless America.

I was out of it yesterday. For some reason I only got 3 hours of sleep Sunday night. Then, all day long, I felt like I was getting sick. I didn’t feel like myself until I was outside. Turns out, the sweater I was wearing may have been too hot and I never thought to take it off. Live and learn.

I’m walking home and I see/hear this great exchange. Two guys see each other and hug. By the time I get to them I overhear this, “Yo, who was that female you were with yo, she was fly yo.” I enjoyed that. But I didn’t enjoy overhearing some guy on the bus talking on his cell about how messed up he got after two Margaritas. And I really didn’t need to hear how much laundry the girl in front of me had to do. It was quite the night. People and cell phones equal ignorance.

I’m trying to invent a new device for my TV where I’d never have to hear a celebrity’s political views ever again. I respect everyone’s right to freedom of speech; I’m just tired of hearing all the lies. LIES!

I’m thinking about purchasing a video camera — nothing crazy expensive, just something small that would let me express my creative side. On my search for such a camera, I found a Tivo type of unit for about $130 after rebates. It was touch and go there for a while but ultimately I decided that I shouldn’t spend money on something that would keep me indoors. I’m glad I thought it through.

I’m anxious for winter to end. I love the snow and I love the cold. But I don’t love walking into the burrito shop and having my glasses fog up. I know those guys are laughing at me after I leave the store. I look something like this:

Not cool

I stick out like a turd in a punch bowl. And on that lovely note, I bid you adieu. Have I ever mentioned how much I like the VH1 Classic channel? Good videos!

That’s it!

God Bless America.

I’m back! Before the break I weighed all my vacation options very carefully and decided that the jewel of Ohio, Steubenville, needed my vacation dollars more than anywhere else. That was a long way to go to simply say that I went to Steubenville for vacation. I hope the rest of this diary is better – don’t hold your breath.

My week got off to a grand start when my Mom and I hit the local casino. Don’t let the amount fool you, those nickel slots pay off if you find the right machine. Soon, we were ordering the top items off the casino restaurant’s menu, Chicken Parmesan and a fish sandwich. That’s some sweet living my friends.

Another highlight came when my nephew wanted me to sleep over. I informed him that 9:00 was way too early for me to turn in, I didn’t have my pajamas and sleeping on the floor really wasn’t an option. He carefully reviewed all my points and then he cried. I felt lower than a snake in the grass. Instantly, I became the black sheep of the family. We did have a sleep over later in the week so I made up for it but it was touch and go there for a while.

I don’t have a whole lot to report about my week off. I spent a lot of time indoors helping my Mom. Time well spent.

I’m going to end it here. Two years ago today, my Dad passed away. My thoughts are with him and all the good times we had.

Bob, Dad (Holding Lucas) and George

R.I.P. E.R.B.

God Bless America