Hello. Work, sleep, work, sleep. You hate to get caught up in that pattern but sometimes life seems to being living you. It’s not supposed to be that way; at least I don’t think it is.

Have you ever thought back to a period in your life that at the time wasn’t so great but now, after experiencing the “real world” you long for those days? I was thinking about that yesterday while I was walking home. I was in one of those dream-like moods, pretty much just contemplating life. I opened up my mailbox and there was a postcard from my first boss. This was the time in my life that I was just thinking about! Sometimes life is funny that way.

When I graduated High School, I was lost. I didn’t have the grades to get into a real college and the idea of going to a junior college scared the crap out of me. Against my parents’ advice, I loaded up my car and just took off. I headed west, not really sure what the hell I was doing. After 4 days of just straight driving, I got to Lindsay, California — just as my money ran out. Being broke in a strange place isn’t a fun spot to be in. I ended up in a restaurant, Bob’s Drive In, enjoying my last good meal.

While I was eating I could overhear the family next to me talking about their farm. They were talking about the big crop this year and how they’re going to have to hire more farm hands than normal. It was fate. I offered up my services and the next thing I knew, I was following them back to their farm. I didn’t know a damn thing about a farm but I didn’t really have a lot of options at that point.

Jim Robinson and his family took me in and taught me a lot that summer. I fed hay to the cows and even became pretty good at driving the old bulldozer. We got the crop in and I have to say, that was the best summer of my life. Here’s the postcard that Jim sent me:

Jim Robinson’s


He gave me my pay and some advice. He said, “You’re a nice guy but you make a lousy farmer. Go back to Ohio, find that one thing that makes you happy and do it.” I gassed up
my car, drove back to Ohio and the rest, as they say, is history.
Bob gassed up his

car at Mobil

today’s diary was 100% BS. Think of it as a late April Fool’s joke. I didn’t have anything today and I asked Walter to send me some photos, any photos, for inspiration. –The part of Farmer Jim was brilliantly played by Simon. Simon is Carl’s friend; Carl posts on my message board.

Have a great Thursday. God Bless America.

I haven’t eaten a salad in about three months. I thought of that out of the blue yesterday. I wasn’t concerned about my health, I just thought that and said to myself, damn, that’s a great opening line for my diary. I can talk about anything now. That line gives me limitless potential –now the hard part — building on that great line.

I’ve mentioned before about how much I love watching car shows. Anything you can do to a car, I’m interested. The ‘shade tree mechanic’ / ‘do it yourself’ shows are just great! They’ll drop an engine into anything at the drop of a hat. My dream is to have a somewhat cool car, nothing fancy, just something I like. I don’t care about the outside; I just want it to have a great engine and a good suspension — a mild hot rod. I don’t have the technical know-how to build my own engine, so I looked into crate engines yesterday. A crate or pre-assembled engine actually saves you some money in the long run. Buying all the parts individually adds up. I went to a website and was shocked by the price.

Bob’s dream engine costs
about $5000

$5000, can you believe that? I thought it’d be somewhere around $2500!? If my TV career ever dries up, I think I’m going to go to
hot rod school.

Now for a new feature to BobBorden.com — I call it,BobBorden.com’s Top 4 Movies Out Now That I Don’t Want to See – Here we go:

1. Sweet Home Alabama
2. The Tuxedo
3. The Banger Sisters
4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

That was BobBorden.com’s Top 4 Movies Out Now That I Don’t Want to See. Thank you, thank you very much.

It’s getting colder in the East. I had to break out the old comforter the other night. Excuse me for a second – “YAWN!!!!!!!” – OK, I’m back and that’s all I have.

Have a good day. God Bless America.

Hello. I started updating my diary at night. I’m not sure if this trend will continue, I just felt like mixing it up a little. After I posted Monday’s diary (Sunday night) The Straight Story came on again. I stayed up until 2 am! And let me tell you something, I was tired yesterday.

Last night at the Hoboken Barnes & Noble, there was a book signing for Hoboken native/actor, Joe Pantoliano. He has a new book out called, Who’s Sorry Now – A True Story of a Stand Up Guy. I like this guy’s acting and he seems like a man’s man. He’s been in some really great films, everything from Memento to The Sopranos to The Matrix, to Eddie and the Cruisers. And I’d be interested to hear about his life growing up in Hoboken. So, after work last night, I headed straight for Barnes & Noble.

I’ve never been to a book signing before. You have to buy the book and then stand in line. The line was moving too! A person was at the front of the line making sure that people had their books opened. I asked this nice lady if she wouldn’t mind if I took a quick photo with Joe. She said, “Sure, I’m sure Joe wouldn’t mind.” I got up there, told him my name and handed her my camera. I’m posing with Joe and nothing – no flash. She tried again, again nothing. I took the camera to check it out and the flash worked. I gave her the camera back; she took another one, again, nothing! She gave up and gave the camera to a gentleman and finally, the flash worked! Joe said something like; you should go to Brooklyn and buy yourself a camera that works. Ha ha. I just wanted to get the heck out of there at that point! I got home and loaded my photos on the computer. The camera was working the whole time! There was enough light in the bookstore and the flash didn’t need to go off – I have six photos of Joe and I! — Story of my life.

Joe Pantoliano and Bob

My own autographed copy!

That was exciting! I watched
Monday Night Football after that. I’m in a Fantasy Football league this year and football is more interesting now. Out of 11 people, I’m in 8th. But I missed the first week, so I’m doing pretty well for me.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat but it was gone after I was out of the shower. I did feel a little off yesterday but I think that had more to do with little sleep. I hope I’m not getting a cold.

OK, that’s all I have today. Have a great Tuesday. God Bless America.

Another weekend has past. Friday night, my friend Jay and I went to see Red Dragon. I have to say, I didn’t like it. The Silence of the Lambs is the gold standard, Hannibal was just too over the top and Red Dragon was just more nonsense. Great cast but 12 years after the ‘original’, who cares?! During one of Edward Norton’s scenes, I was reminded of his performance in Primal Fear – that’s too bad. That’s two not so great movies in a row for Jay and I. The last one we saw was Barbershop. How am I going to remedy this bad movie situation? I’m never going to the movies with Jay again – Sorry, Jay.

Jay and Bob can’t find a

good movie to enjoy
(file photo)

Saturday, I drove to Nutley to do my laundry. Holy crap, the traffic! The Turnpike was severely backed up and that backed up everything else. It took me about 40 minutes to get there, it usually only takes about 15 minutes. I washed my clothes, made some calls and ate some pizza. I drove to the A & P and did some shopping. I needed shaving cream and blades. I’m partial to the
Mach 3 blades. But I haven’t bought them in a while. I’ve been using disposable razors for about a year. Anyway, damn, blades are pricey!
Bob paid $17.89

for razor blades

When I got home I looked at my receipt, my bill seemed kind of high this week. I bought Mach 3 Turbo blades by mistake.
They were $17.89!!! I couldn’t believe it! I took them back the next day. Who the hell buys blades for $17.89?!

Saturday night, I could have gone to a birthday celebration for my friend Pam. I didn’t go, usually birthday celebrations involve drinking and I didn’t want to go somewhere and get caught up in a night of that. I stayed home and watched Singin’ in the Rain. Now that’s a good movie! I’ve never seen it before — I was pleasantly surprised. After that I watched SNL and called it a night.

Sunday, I didn’t do much. I went back to the A & P to return the $17.89 blades. And check it out; I got aparking spot right in front of my building, a rarity these days.

Bob found a great

parking spot

During the summer, people drove to their beach homes and it was easy to park on the street but alas,
autumn is here.

Sunday night, I watched The Sopranos and Curb your Enthusiasm. They both haven’t hit their stride yet. IFC was the place to be last night. Sweet and Lowdown and The Straight Story were playing. I really like Sweet and Lowdown and I watched 20 minutes of The Straight Story before The Sopranos came on. That seems like my kind of movie. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

OK, that’s it. Have a great Monday. God Bless America.

Yesterday I asked to hear from everyone on my message board. I wanted to get a rough count of ‘real’ users that check out my website. Well, wouldn’t you know it, they were fixing their website all day and left me hanging! What a pain in the butt! That’s what I get for using a crap board. It’s free, don’t ya know.

Something different today – I’m writing and posting this diary Thursday night. I thought I’d update my site from home so I could sleep in a little Friday morning. I usually get up at 6 am. 7 years ago, I set my alarm that early so I wouldn’t be late for my new job — I never really changed it. It’s been so busy this week, I feel like I need sleep. I went to bed at 10:30 last night. That’s early for me.

Because of this very special edition and because I don’t really have a lot to talk about – I’ve decided to add a new level of excitement to today’s diary. What new level of excitement you ask? That’s right, booze. For every paragraph I write in today’s diary, I’m going to drink a can of beer. Enjoy.

Three paragraphs, three beers.

Bob is hanging tough.

I’m so sick of the state of music today. All of the sudden, I’m being inundated with ‘garage bands’ — they’re all the same! Three chords, played fast and loud. These new bands are the new Teen Pop that was shoved down our throats. I’m not buying it! All I want is the
Foo Fighters. That Dave Grohl is one talented SOB. He was back behind the skins on the Queens of the Stone Age CD, and that rocks! Foo Fighters’ new CD, One by One, comes out 10/22. It’s the little things. Why does Moby sell all his songs? Well, that was a stupid question. The answer, of course, is money. Good for him.

What else? You know what I’m sick of also? Money. More specifically, not having any. I’m 32; I’d like to drive a car that wasn’t built in the eighties! Blah blah blah!!!! I’m sick of hearing myself talk!

I’m not looking forward to Halloween this year. I told this story before but one year while I was walking home in Hoboken – some punk kids hit me with an egg! The egg broke skin too! Hell, the first diary of this site, I told you how my candy got stolen when I was a kid. Traumatic? You bet your sweet – you better believe it! I think I may have had too much.

6 beers – Bob

doesn’t feel so good

This diary wasn’t such a great idea. I ended up just getting angry. Hey! I think I saw
Michelle Pfeiffer on the subway yesterday. I forgot to mention that. I doubt it was her but she was FINE!

That’s it! Have a great weekend. God Bless America.

BobBorden.com does not condone drinking. The use of Coors Light in today’s diary was for entertainment purposes only.