Will somebody please stop those awful Apple commercials! The commercials are like a low rent version of American Idol. And that’s really low rent! Can I get a witness?

I really don’t like the Hoboken A & P. I stopped in last night to buy some cat food. It was crowded, the aisles are weird and they didn’t have the Iams original cat food that I wanted! In this day and age, a supermarket should never be out of stock. It’s all done with computers. You’re running low on say, Iams original cat food, you punch a key and wham-o — you have cat food. Someone dropped the ball. However, I have to say that the most delightful woman checked me out. Here’s the true definition of an impulse buy, this was right next to checkout:

$1.49 for


That’s a sweet deal, I think. As I’m writing this I’m watching the Martha Stewart docudrama. In a very network way, they just implied that the college-aged Martha got nailed. Good for her. Why am I watching this?

In other TV news, Jesse James (Monster Garage/West Coast Choppers) was on Late Show last night. Damn! that guy’s entertaining. I was going to go down and get my photo taken with him but then I changed my mind. Sometimes it’s not good to meet your heroes. Like the time I went down to have Motley Crue sign their contracts. I brought something down with me for them to autograph but once I got down there, they were just dudes. It seemed kind of pointless to bother them. Anyway, that Jesse James seems like a self-made man. Inspiring.

Martha is knocking down a wall in her house – I have to go.

Have a great day!



Well, this weekend sucked eggs! I couldn’t go anywhere because I’m sans car, Hoboken seems overly crowed these days and I called three “friends” only to have them not call me back! What the f?! Is this my life?

Friday I watched this documentary called Grey Gardens. Amazon.com describes it as: “Meet Big and Little Edie Beale-high society dropouts, mother and daughter, reclusive cousins of Jackie O. -thriving together amid the decay and disorder of their ramshackle East Hampton mansion”

Good, odd, film

I call it one crazy flick! But it was very entertaining.

Saturday I woke up and watched something that I can’t remember. After that I walked up to the laundry mat and did my laundry. My new phone really came in handy here. I played Jacks or Better to kill time. And I made a couple of calls. I set my phone up with a wacky ringtone. Whenever someone calls me, the 50 Cent tune, In Da Club kicks in. At least I think it does, I haven’t actually fielded a call on it yet. Damn.

Saturday night I watched Easy Rider for the millionth time — Now and forever, a classic.

Sunday I woke up and watched some tube. I wanted to clean my apartment but didn’t know where to start. I ended up tearing my bedroom apart. I moved stuff around only to figure out that it was perfect before I started. I ended up moving my bed a few inches.That was two hours I’ll never get back.

Sunday night I went for a walk, well, to be perfectly honest, I had to walk in order to get my dinner. I never made it to the A & P this weekend.

Those new Apple music commercials are the worst.The Worst!

King of the Hill was great last night. That’s a damn funny show. I can relate to Hank Hill.

That’s it!

God Bless America.

Oh my, it’s late! I just got back from seeing The Matrix! I’m not going to spoil it for you. I’ll just say that it was very good. Not great but good. Putting it in the context that it’s just one piece of the trilogy, it was excellent. But on its own, good, not great — Enough with that style of fighting already! That’s my only complaint. At times it felt like they had to get him fighting just because he learned all those moves.

Good flick

I saw it with Jay and Colleen. We got there about 50 minutes before the movie started to get a great seat, unfortunately, so did everyone else. We were at the end of the line – 50 minutes before the previews start and we’re already screwed! In order to get 3 seats together we split up and combed the small theatre. Colleen went left, Jay and I to the right. Jay went up, I went down for the sure thing. Jay got 3 seats up top and motioned for me to come up but then the stupid people that moved over misjudged their seats and long story short, we ended up sitting two rows behind the screen. I didn’t mind, I’m not going to fight someone for a seat, ridiculous. Honorable mention goes to Jay for sticking his neck out for the group. Very Neo of him, ha ha. This city is a jungle.

It’s late; I have nothing else to talk about. I know today’s diary is short but it’s 2 am! Bobby needs some shuteye!

Have a great weekend. God Bless America.

Hello. The good news continued for me yesterday as my snacks arrived.

Bob with snacks

I’m in for a good night! I’m going to change my life around after this. I’m going to change my addiction to oranges and apples. I have a feeling that eating bad is going to come back to bite me in the ass later in life. I don’t want that. I think that with the changes I’ve made to my car, cell and land phones that I’m correcting the mistakes around me. Maybe now it’s time to correct myself. Does that make sense?

They changed the King Vitaman cereal box! It used to be a guy in a king suit, now it’s a cartoon. I like the guy better, gave the cereal a little respectability next to the likes of Sugar Bear and Tony the Tiger. Oh well.

How about that lawyer suing the Oreo people. What a waist of time!? If Oreo’s are bad for you or fast food or whatever, JUST DON’T EAT IT! What’s this guy trying to do, save the world one Oreo at a time?Please.

Damn, these Screaming Yellow Zonkers are great! I bought my brother and my bosses a box as well. I like to share the love.

I had a dream last night that I had my old car and someone stole my radio and then brought the radio back the next day. I don’t know what that’s all about but it seems highly unlikely. You know what car I like, the Ford Taurus. It’s a nice looking car! You know, even in my dreams, people are stealing from me, odd.

I think that’s all I have today.

Wait, here’s something I call, Bob Borden of BobBorden.com uses his website to send a message to a girl he saw in the Port Authority wearing a SARS mask. Here we go: “Hey sweets, you’re not in Hong Kong anymore, lighten up!” And that was Bob Borden of BobBorden.com uses his website to send a message to a girl he saw in the Port Authority wearing a SARS maskthank you, thank you very much.

I’m going to see The Matrix tonight!

OK, that’s it!



What’s up? Communication week continued yesterday as I updated my cell phone service. I’m hooked into the grid and ready for action, or calls. No more roaming charges, unlimited night and weekends and I even opted for a new phone. I can set up my ringer to play a crazy song! That’s all I’ve ever wanted! I’m so excited. This plus my home voicemail system, damn! Life is good. I’ve never had caller ID before. I’m going to screen everything! And 3-way calling, forget about it – I’m going to be all about making 3-way calls.

Bob’s new cell!

Did I mention that the phone had rebates galore? It’s like they’re giving them away! It’s a very exciting time to be alive. Who knew?!

I walked through Hoboken twice yesterday without getting stopped by people running for city council. In the morning, I saw a guy passing out flyers and I crossed the street. And then at night, I looked ahead of where I was walking and avoided more people. I walked behind one group as they were trying to give a guy (walking in front) a flyer. The guy ignored the person handing out the flyer and then the flyer person called the guy an asshole – nice! I’ll be voting for their person soon. NOT! Ha ha, did you see that? I said “not” – Kids, that’s an expression from the 80’s.

I went into the old Radio Shack last night looking far a caller ID box or a phone with a caller ID thing in it. I don’t want to go cordless and I don’t really care to buy the Radio Shack brand anymore. So they didn’t have anything that I cared for. And no one asked me if I need any help! That’s my new pet peeve. Anyway, I walked out. Screw them.

My snack yesterday was a Diet Coke and a Slim Jim. Damn those Slim Jims are great!

That’s all I got! Have a great day.

God Bless America.