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I had a good day at work yesterday. I feel like I got a lot accomplished. I stepped on the elevator, looked down and saw this:

Lettuce in the elevator

You know, that was a lot funnier to me last night. Seriously, how did that lettuce get there? It makes you think. I was sitting on the bus last night waiting to depart, I looked up and my friends Tiffany and Liz were walking back. We sat together and just chatted up a storm. To be honest, I just sat there, ha ha. That was a nice change of pace from the usual dregs you have to sit with. I got off the bus and went to the ATM and took this photo:

This is a real sign

This handmade sign can only be up for one reason: There are people stupid enough to put their hard earned cash in a machine with no envelope! Doesn’t that just make you think that as a society, we’re doomed? I was watching Shipmates yesterday and a couple had this exchange:
Man: “I thought you were a thug”
Woman: “I was thinking the same thing about you!”

Is this where we’re are? Man! I didn’t do much last night. I talked on the phone a little, skipped around a few movies and that was it.

So, I’m looking through some photos I got back from the developer and this is what I saw:

Have you seen this man?

This guy eating pudding! WHO IS THIS GUY? This guy loves pudding! If you’ve seen this guy, e-mail me — I’d like to return his photo.

That’s it! God Bless America.


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Man, I was in slow motion yesterday. I was in a haze because of my laid back weekend. Too much sleep isn’t such a good thing.

I was checking the Access Hollywood tape from Friday to see if I was in the background of The Rock interview. I didn’t make it. I was inching my way towards the camera too! So, I’m watching and I see two writers in the background walk by.

L-R: Gabe, The Rock, Jonathan

That was supposed to be me in the background! I haven’t been on TV in over a year! That was my only shot, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Internet Acting, thank you, thank you very much. Congratulations to Gabe and Jonathan on their new found fame.

Have you seen The Man Who Wasn’t There? I watched that a couple of weekends ago. Wow, that film looked spectacular! They made being a barber look cool. And the cigarettes, oh the cigarettes. I enjoy the Coen Brothers, they do quality stuff.

I’m going to see Spiderman this Friday. I’m looking forward to it. I hope it lives up to the hype. I really, really want it to be good. I remember coming home and watching Spiderman cartoons on channel 53 out of Pittsburgh. That was living! Cookies, milk and a great cartoon. It’s funny how life doesn’t seem that different nowadays, ha ha.
I bought this Old Spice soap the other day. It’s overpowering! That’s all I can smell in my apartment. I’m going to toss it. Life’s too short to be taken advantage of by soap. I’m leaving work last night and I look out the window.

They’re lighting the empty billboard! Who are these people? I used to think that they just loved the The Majestic but that’s not the case. These people just love billboards! It’s a conspiracy — Did you ever see They Live? OK, that’s all I have today. I’m looking out for the T-shirts I ordered last week. I can’t wait till they get here, can’t wait! God Bless America. OBEY.


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Friday I was walking out of work and happened to look up — it’s gone.

The Majestic billboard is gone

I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been talking about this for months and I didn’t even get the satisfaction of seeing them take it down! Oh well, that’s a small price to pay. At least it’s over, it’s finally over. I wonder what’s next?

Friday night I said no to plans of having dinner with my friends Sandi and Alex. I thought I was going to get out of work early and I didn’t want to be hanging around for two hours waiting for dinner. As it turns out, I made it back to Hoboken around the time they were going to meet. I called but we missed each other. I picked up some dinner and walked home. When I got home, you guessed it, there was the message. Oh well, Boston Market hit the spot — they know how to cook up a chicken. After dinner I laid down on my bed and the next thing I knew, it was midnight. I guess I needed the rest.

Saturday, I cleaned my apartment and played some Yahoo! pool with my friend Pam.

Yahoo! pool

She kicked my butt!

The big plan for Saturday was to do my laundry but I couldn’t get motivated. Instead, I walked up to SuperCuts and got a haircut. It’s a good haircut but the stylist had the personality of a lamp post. Not that I wanted to talk but at least pretend to like your job. When I was a kid my brother and I went to Louie. It was a two chair barber shop in downtown Steubenville. He was a nice guy and every now and then he’d let us look at his Playboys. Ah memories.

Saturday night I watched AI. I couldn’t get through an hour of it. It was about some robot kid that could love. I took that out of my machine and put in Robo Cop! I don’t want to watch movies about robots that love. I want to watch movies about robots that blow things up!

Sunday I did my laundry and went to the A & P. Remember this?


Oh man, Ovaltine! This is goooooooooood stuff! It was perfect for the gloomy/rainy day yesterday. I was walking in the cereal isle and without thinking, I put some Spiderman cereal in my cart. I stopped and asked myself what the heck I was doing?! I’m looking forward to the movie but if I would have bought that cereal, I would have been crossing a line. I finished cleaning my apartment, cooked up some dinner and called it a day/weekend. I’m going to be out of it today because I virtually had no human contact. When you burn your candle at both ends, like I do, you’re bound to have slow one every now and then. That’s it! God Bless America.


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Hello! I met The Rock yesterday, sort of. I was running something backstage and on my way out The Rock was getting out of his car. I held the stage door while he signed some autographs. I stood beside him while he did a quick interview with Access Hollywood. I’m hoping that my head or part of my body will be on Access Hollywood this weekend. The Rock seems like good people, good for him. I want to say a special thank you to Mike McIntee of the Wahoo Gazette for a great mention yesterday. Thank you Mike! I also want to thank Tony Mendez, I didn’t see it yet but my website is mentioned on the Tony Mendez Show tonight. Thank you very much Tony! Very exciting! My Bosses, Eric and Justin called me in their office yesterday. You know when you get “called in” it can’t be good. I walked in and they gave me a giant cookie for my re-launch.

Big cookie

I was surprised and touched. Thank you very, very much! This is a photo from the re-launch party.

L-R: Eric, Bob, Walter, Justin

And here’s a photo of the guy who took the re-launch photo.


We had a blast! 5 guys and a giant cookie, that just about sums up my entire life!

So, I have a brother. My brother, George, has been playing the drums for as long as I can remember. At one point, he even moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream. Years later, he’s married, has 4 great kids and has a successful business. He doesn’t have time for drums anymore, right? Wrong. It’s the year of our Lord, 2002 and George plays the drums in a Heavy Metal band. That’s right, Heavy Metal. He’s in a band called AfterShok and they just put out a CD called Unfinished Business. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with my brother for some Q and A about his new CD, enjoy.

BB: Heavy Metal pretty much died out when Nirvana hit the scene in the early 90′s –why bring it back now?

GB: We are 4 musicians who have created a “Classic Metal / Hard Rock” CD that we enjoy listening to. The main stream bands that are popular today all sound the same, just like the late 80′s “Poppy Metal Bands” sounded the same. Simply put, it’s time for a change.

BB: How did AfterShok get its name?

GB: Our lead singer Vic Hix was the front-man for a Cleveland band called Shok Paris. Who received national attention and MTV airplay. Our bass player Nick G. was in a band call Shockwave. So we felt that it would be appropriate to call the band AfterShok. It’s all marketing.

BB: What was it like recording Unfinished Business?

GB: It was fun and challenging. But the best part was being in control of the vision we had for the songs. We took our time to make sure everything came out the way it was envisioned. We are extremely satisfied will all aspects of the CD.

BB: What was the “Unfinished Business?”

GB: Each one of us has personal reasons for calling the CD “Unfinished Business.” For myself, playing in this group and producing a quality CD that I know people will enjoy completes my Unfinished Business.

BB: Why should I buy your CD, besides the fact that we’re brothers?

GB: I feel that this is the best $12.99 a person can spend right now. You have 10 awesome tracks. You can understand the vocals. The musicianship and the song-writing are great. Plus, the production quality is just as good as any mainstream band with a major label deal. What more could you ask for?

BB: Thanks George.

GB: Rock ‘N Roll FOREVER!

– I have the CD and its got everything I like in Heavy Metal: explosions, gun shots, howling wolves, a whole lot of great music and the strangest “hidden track” I’ve ever heard. Go to and see for yourself.

Wow, I’m exhausted — this was a long one but a good one. That’s it! Have a great weekend. God Bless America.


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What a great day yesterday! I enjoyed hearing from most of you on my message board, ha ha. Thanks for all the kind words. I’m really proud of this new version. The New Jersey Transit people never wrote back about their dirty bus messing up my clothes. The nerve! I got one of those automatic e-mail responses that says we’ll get back to you in 24 hours. That must be a great job. Something comes across your desk, “Ah, the heck with it, I get to it tomorrow.” Must be nice. New Jersey Transit, I haven’t forgotten the events of 4/22/02, not by a long shot! Last night I got on the subway, I was looking around. My eyes locked with another person, a woman — a pretty woman. We were eye locked for about 3 seconds, almost long enough for me to have a heart attack. It was that intense. I had to turn away and then I had to get off the subway. I feel like crap now but I don’t know what to do in that situation?! You’re not going to believe this, but I’m not a player. Damn. Missed opportunity. When I got back to Hoboken, I stopped off at the old 24 hour cigar store to pick up a drink. I picked up some orange Gatorade Ice.
Gatorade ICE

It’s called ICE because the drink is clear and cold. It was tasty but I just felt a little let down. I’m paying $1.75 for a drink, at least put some color in there! Let me feel like I’m getting something. You take a can of soda, that’s got it all, carbonation, color, the cool sound of opening the can and the satisfaction of crumpling the can when you’re done. This ICE, comes in a bottle, it’s very hard to crumple a bottle. I’m disappointed with my purchase, I should know better. And to top it all off, I’m looking out my window and I can’s believe it!

The Majestic

Released December, 21 2001

What is the point of keeping this billboard up?! It’s driving me crazy!!! HOLLYWOOD!!!!! I’m very excited about
the store. I have a new “baseball” shirt for sale. I really like the look of it. I’m going to order one today and I’ll let you know how I like it when I receive it. In the meantime, go to the store and look around. Again, thanks for reading my site and thanks for your kind words yesterday. Have a great day! God Bless America.