I had a revelation this weekend. Friday night, I just finished a marathon session of eating and playing Tony Hawk 2 on the PSone. It was two in the morning, I was trying to go to sleep and I just felt like crap. I overate, again. I just said to myself, F#@K this (I like to curse when I talk to myself) I can’t do this anymore. So, I’m going to try and cut back on the crap this week and train my body to crave good things. I can’t remember the last time I had an apple – sad. I can tell you the last time I ate a whole jar of Pringles in one sitting – sadder. I got a problem with eating crap and I’m the only one that can fix it.

Saturday, I got in the car and drove to Nutley to do my laundry. While I was putting my wash in, I noticed this woman putting clothes in the dryer. Or should I say, dryers. She was using about eight dryers! And they were very small loads too; she could have doubled up on some of them. It just pissed me off the lack of respect she had for other people. I went outside and made a few calls. I came back in, took my wash out and guess what? There are no dryers available. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had to center myself – this is as bad as it gets at the laundry mat. Her dryers stopped, she wasn’t around — I just took her stuff out and put my stuff in. I never had to do that before, I just said to myself, F#@K it – Bobby needs dry clothes.

After that I went to Best Buy. I wanted to buy a DVD. I couldn’t find anything. I was looking around for an hour and a half. I almost bought 12 monkeys but I thought I was buying it just to buy something – I put it back. I did observe some things about people. People that smoke smell like ashtrays, people that buy full screen DVDs are idiots and then there was the guy that smelled like vomit – nice. I went to the A & P after that. Saturday night, I just played more Tony Hawk 2.

This photo matches what I just talked about,

it’s really kind of pointless but I didn’t
have any other photos for today

Sunday, I woke up early. I felt like going for a drive. An hour later, I was driving down to Red Bank. It was a lovely, crisp fall day. I was listening to the Counting Crows. I got down there and just looked around the record store. I didn’t get anything there either. After that, I got some hot chocolate in Starbucks and off I went. I drove back home and played more Tony Hawk 2. I’m stuck on a level and it’s driving me crazy! I even tried cheat codes and that didn’t help.

Curb your Enthusiasm is the best comedy on TV. The Sopranos seemed uneven, again. I was close to seeing Punch-Drunk Love but TH2 got the best of me again.

And that as they say, was my weekend. That is it.

Have a great day. God Bless America.

Oh sweet Friday and oh sweet November! I got some casino “coupons” in the mail the other day. They’re really entries into a car raffle they do a few times a month. I’m considering just driving up there this weekend just to put my entries into the prize drum. Someone has to win and you know my motto: you have to be in it to win it! Plus, I’ll finally get the chance to checkout all that sweet fall foliage I’ve been hearing so much about. That could be something.

Halloween has come and gone, thank goodness. I don’t like Halloween because:

1. When I was a kid, my candy bag was stolen while I was Trick or Treating. I was scared for life.
2. And a few years ago in Hoboken, some punk kids hit me in the head with an egg.

OK, that’s a short list but those are two very traumatic events. I still fear getting hit with an egg. Last night, I walked home with eyes in the back of my head. I was on high alert and thankfully, I made it home without incident.

Yesterday marked the 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of BobBorden.com! I’m still very excited about BobBorden.com – it’s still new to me, which is nice. After work, the staff and I had a little to-do over at the Hilton. Here’s a photo:



It’s odd that the majority of my staff didn’t want to be identified. But it was nice that President Clinton could stop by. Thanks to everyone for your help. When all the “other” websites crashed and burned, we pulled up our boots, dug in and said – bring it on! That sprit, that energy is what drives me continue -
here’s to another 2 years!!

That’s it! Have a great weekend. God Bless America.

It’s rare for me to talk about Late Show on this website. I figure, if you want to know anything about Late Show, you’ll go to the Late Show site – BobBorden.com is all about Bobby! But I just have to say something about the Wednesday night show. Warren Zevon was the only guest. Warren Zevon is a great singer/songwriter and about a month ago he announced that he has terminal lung cancer.

Warren has been a friend to the show since Late Night at NBC. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say? It was just a very touching/great/entertaining/sad show. I felt proud that my boss (Dave) was able to give this man a platform to talk about what he’s going through and a platform to perform – probably and sadly for the last time.

That’s the only thing running through my mind right now. Warren mentioned that he had a phobia about doctors. That hit too close to home for me because I’m not a fan of going to the doctor either. I’ve been to the doctor once in the last 17 years. My last doctor used to give me a lollypop after my visit – that’s how long its been. I should get a check up but here’s the rub – you go to a doctor, you know they’re going to find something! I’m going to at least think about going.

Damn, RUN-D.M.C.’s Jam Master Jay was gunned down in a Queens recording studio Wednesday night. What the hell?! Don’t you just feel like the world is shifting for the worst? Evrything just seems too pointless/crazy now.


OK, that’s it for today. I’ll have some photos and some great stories from the
BobBorden.com 2nd Anniversary Party tomorrow.

God Bless America.

Man it’s nippy out. Nippy nippy nippy! I just like saying that. Nippy nippy nippy. What’s the best thing about the change in weather? That’s right, I get to wear my Pea Coat.

Bob models his Pea Coat

Come to think of it, I think I like saying Pea Coat. Pea Coat Pea Coat Pea Coat. That’s
very calming. I think I want to make a permanent change to posting on Wednesday. From now on, the diaries on Wednesday don’t have to make sense. That would make things a whole lot easier.

Damn it’s cold! Whew! I didn’t do much last night. My friend Pam let me borrow her copy of Tony Hawk 2 for the old school Playstation. Who would have thought that at age 33, I’d be in to skateboarding games? And who would have thought that at age 33, I’d still be living alone with two cats? Oh SWEET LORD, is this it for me? Is this the plan Lord? Why, WHY?!! Lord. Lord? LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH
HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Internet praying, thank you, thank you very much.

OK, that’s it for today. Tune in tomorrow for my feature article: Pumpkin – King of the Gourds.

God Bless America.

HHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes you just want to

I have a very strong urge to get a manicure. I need some cuticle work, big time.

Meaningless photo of Bob

The new Foo Fighters CD has officially grown on me; I like it. I wanted to see Jackass this past weekend — I never made it. Punch-Drunk Love was on the must-see list too – there’s always this weekend. Those movies are playing at the Hoboken theatre too. They couldn’t be more accessible to me. However, the seats in that theatre are as comfortable as sitting on a
sharp stick. Anyway, I have to start making plans for myself and actually do things on my weekends — preferably things that don’t involve spending money. Ha ha, that pretty much narrows it down to me, the weekend and watching the grass grow.

I don’t know what the hell else to talk about. The BobBorden.com 2 year anniversary is fast approaching. 2 years! It’s ironic that I started this site on Halloween — ironic because I do not like Halloween. Maybe subconsciously, I started it to forget about Halloween? I hate it when I do things subconsciously.

I have to cut my nails. Do you think the Cavemen worried so much about vanity? Doubtful. I’m writing the old diary by the window, fall is in the air. I’m sitting in a chair, with a blanket around my legs. I feel like a grandmother. It’s just odd that a 33-year-old guy is using a blanket in that fashion. I thought it was odd anyway. Do you think Tiger Woods really likes Buicks? I mean, come on! I drove a Buick for over 11 years and I hated every minute of it. Here’s a helpful car-buying tip for anyone in the market for a new car: Don’t buy the first shiny car you see – shop around! I think the new Ford Thunder Birds stink. They’re too big!

OK, that’s it. Have a great day. God Bless America.