I was on vacation last week!  Cara and I drove down to Florida to soak up some rays!  That’s right, I said we drove.  I like to drive and thought we’d have a little adventure.  Driving down was very stressful.  It snowed until we hit South Carolina.  It wasn’t slippery but visibility was limited.  The goal for the day was to get to Savannah, GA to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant.  We made it with an hour to spare.  Our dinner was really good.  Worth the 12-hour drive!  The next day we drove another 8 hours to Florida.

When we were in Florida we hung out with family, had some more nice dinners and relaxed on the beach.  I started reading Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open.  It’s pretty good!

I drove back with my brother-in-law, Jake.  It rained, the whole way. One “highlight” was driving through a notorious speed trap. The speed limit of 55 MPH dropped to 35 MPH in a matter of seconds. I noticed other drivers were closely following the new speed limit, so I did the same. At lunch, the waitress told us we were lucky we made it through, ha ha. I’ll say.


I saved a lot of cash driving vs. flying/renting a car.  But whew, I was tired!  $441 in gas, 2690 miles and many bad meals. All in all, it was a pretty good adventure.