I baked caramelized bacon last night.  I got the recipe from Ina Garten.  I’ll never cook it again!  It was THAT good.

This nor’easter is freaking everybody out.  I guess I’m freaking out a little too.  It’s going to start tonight and I don’t have a sled!  Ha ha.  Gas lines are EVERYWHERE!  Some stations are closed.  People are panicked because they know if our power goes out, again, we’re screwed.  My mom will be happy to know I waited on a gas line this morning and now have a full tank of gas.  I just got it because after the storm, power or no power, all of the stations will probably be sold out.

While I filled up my tank, I also got 3 gallons for old snowy…my snow blower.  About 3 years ago, someone threw her out.  I got it fixed and she’s been great ever since.  But she does get ridden hard and put away wet.  Will she start this year?

Ha ha. She’s loud but efficient.

Happy birthday to my bro, Walter!

File photo

Have a great weekend!  Good luck with this storm!