That was a good weekend!  Cara and I drove out to the Hamptons.  The weather was great!  We had a lovely dinner at Vine Street Cafe on Saturday night.  Here’s what I ate, with full descriptions:  Appetizer:  Ahi Tuna Tartare…seaweed-radish salad, tamari, wasabi, crispy won tons.  Salad:  Warm Heirloom Beans…frisee, roasted peppers, fennel, basil, evoo.  Entrée:  Bombolotti “Crema Di Gorgonzola”…Peas, tiny homemade sausage meatballs, roasted peppers. Dessert:  Sticky toffee pudding…almond brittle, mocha ice cream & toffee sauce.  We ate there this past summer.  At that time our table was located over an air conditioner grate.  I was freezing!  This time, you guessed it, we ended up with the same exact table!  Except now the heat was on!  They placed a menu over the grate but by the end of the meal I was sweating!  It was a small price to pay for such a great meal!

The next day for lunch we ate at La Fondita.

Green arrow: chorizo quesadillas
No arrow: pork tacos

I had some pork tacos and my favorite, chorizo  quesadillas!  We ate outside!  It was getting chilly!  But again, so worth it.  I usually hit up this place in the summer but the crowds keep me away.  What a treat!

Now it’s back to baked chicken.  Ha ha.