Last night, Cara and I did some channel surfing between the end of Modern Family and beginning of Top Chef.  We came across a show called, Stars in Danger: The High Dive.  It was awesomely bad.  So bad, friends emailed me and texted Cara.

I love TV and I never saw one promo for this show!  We didn’t watch it for long.  I was surprised to see Jersey Shore’s JWoww.  I haven’t watched Jersey Shore since season one.  She had some work done on her face.  Such a shame.  A version of this show has been popular in Germany for years.  Maybe we should just stick to ripping off British shows.  Ha ha.

Speaking of TV shows, I’ve never seen Magnum, p.i.

It was on from 1980 to 1988!  Cara loves the show and was kind enough to share her love with me.  We put in the disc and watched the first episode…or so I thought.  Turns out, it was a movie-length episode!  I believe they did that a lot back in the day.  It was entertaining but way, way too long!  I’m looking forward to watching a regular episode.  So, what did I watch instead of Magnum?  I went back to the schedule from 1980.  I watched: Barney Miller, then It’s a Living.  In 1983 I watched: Gimmie a Break! and Mama’s Family.  1985:  The Cosby Show and Family Ties.  1987:  ’87 was a hard one to pin down.  I might have watched The Slap Maxwell Story.  I always liked Dabney Colman.

It’s funny how much I didn’t know about TV when I was a kid.  I had no idea about seasons or schedules.  I just watched blindly.  I never really cared why the show “Alice” kept replacing the “Flo” character.  Or why “One Day at a Time’s” Julie didn’t live in the apartment anymore.  Now I know too much!  Ha ha.  Would young Bob have enjoyed Stars in Danger: The High Dive?  I don’t think so.