I watch and like Parenthood.  There, I said it.  I am not ashamed, ha ha.  This season one of the characters is dealing with cancer.  Last week she shaved off her hair.  Nothing funny about that, at all.  What is hilarious is the bald cap she wears.

Who approved this?  When her character enters a scene, it makes me laugh.  She has cancer, that’s not funny, right?  I know it’s just a TV show but it’s really distracting.

Bald caps in TV

Alternatives to wearing a bad bald cap?  1. Cut your hair.  De Niro gained 70 pounds for Raging Bull.  Commit to the character.  2. Try on the bald cap first, before you shoot the hair cutting scene.  3. Just wear hats.  Anything would look better than this bald cap…anything!   There are only 2 more episodes this season.  I will be able to make it through.  But I hope her cancer goes into remission.  Please, don’t bring this bald cap back for the next season.  Assuming there will be a next season.

Cara and I were cleaning up after having everybody over for Sunday night dinner.  I was putting trash in the can when Cara asked me what I was doing.  I said, throwing away the trash.  She said, “But you’re throwing out bottles and cans.”  That’s when I told her about New Year’s resolution to stop recycling.

Cara wasn’t thrilled with my resolution and my explanation didn’t help. I’m just tired of separating my trash. Also, when the world implodes, and it seems like we’re getting closer everyday, will anybody really care if I don’t recycle my seltzer can?  Words couldn’t describe how disappointed she was with my actions.  I have gone back to recycling.  But I still don’t like it!  :)