Our Christmas cards were sent out well over a week ago.  Everyone, I’m sure, has seen it by now.  So, now I can share it with you.  Here’s our Christmas card for 2012:

Ha ha! For those of you living under a rock, that’s Hoda Kotb. She co-hosts the 4th hour of the Today Show. There were a few people who thought she was actually my wife….remind me to take them off my Christmas card list for 2013, ha ha. And then there were a few people who thought Cara drastically changed her look, ha ha.

Speaking of Christmas cards, I just got 5 Christmas cards in the mail. Today is the 26th!

I’m sorry but these cards DON’T count! They’re either sending them because we sent one to them or they totally forgot about us. These cards are soon going to have a meeting with some gasoline and a match! (I’m kidding, of course.)

My day after Christmas “gift” from our oil company was a very expensive tank of oil. Ugh. Thanks.

Have a nice day.