Sad news.  Yesterday I lost my fantasy football championship.

Tom Brady had a bad game; which meant I had a bad game.  I was pretty devastated.  Still, coming in 2nd ain’t too shabby for me.  But still, “sigh!”

We’re having family over for Christmas Eve dinner tonight.  So Saturday I cleaned up and ran errands.  Sunday I woke up early and went to the grocery store.  I got there at 7:40AM.  It was already crowded!

I had to take a number at the meat section.  I got #40…they were only up to #20!  But I turned lemons into sweet, sweet lemonade.  I left my cart there and continued to shop, one item at a time.  By the time my number got called, I was done shopping.  Score!  I just noticed something about that photo.  I’m going to blow up the person in the left rear so you can see what I’m talking about.  Check it out:

Ha ha!  SHE’S LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!!!  And she seems pissed.  She must be #41, ha ha ha.  Happy Holidays, lady.

Have a Merry Christmas.