Who is Jaguar marketing with this car; luxury automobile enthusiasts, business professionals or fans of tacky advertising?   I hope those letters are removable.  Ha ha.

Oh man, Christmas is getting close.  I haven’t done a lot of shopping.  Ugh.

Friday night Cara’s sister hooked us up with dinner and tickets to see The Killers.  It was an early Christmas gift.  The show was postponed but we decided to have dinner anyway.

It was good!  I’m not a brussel sprouts guy but I’ve had them a few times recently and have enjoyed them.  We had a lovely dinner.  Thanks, D!

Saturday we chilled out.  Saturday night we went to a lovely Christmas party.  It was fun to get out there and socialize.  Sunday I watched NFL RedZone most of the day.  My fantasy football team made it through the first round of playoffs!  It was too close for comfort, ha ha.  A lot of my players didn’t have great games.  But I’m still in it!  Sunday night we had a lovely family dinner.  I recorded a new video of my nephew singing Jingle Bells.  It’s pretty funny.  You can see it on the top right of this page.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the tragedy in Connecticut.  So horrible.

Have a nice day.