Warning: My first story could be considered gross.

I was in Manhattan last night for a holiday party. On our way home we got stuck in traffic! It was brutal. When you look at other people stuck in traffic you see just about everything; the texter, the newspaper reader and then sometimes you see this guy:

Gross! I gave this guy every chance not to pick his nose. He was picking for a long time and stopped. I said thank goodness that’s over. Then he started up again! This is a public service to the world, DON’T PICK YOUR NOSE IN PUBLIC! Gross.

Warning:  Some cookies are bad.

If you like cookies this has to be your favorite time of the year! You can bake at will without society looking down on you! For the first time, I decided to bake some ginger cookies.

Not gingerbread or ginger snaps, just plain ginger cookies.  How do they taste?  Very gingery!  As in, Damn these cookies are too gingery!  They’re also as heavy as a sack of bricks.  Who knew all cookies weren’t created equal?!  No more screwing around for my next batch.  I’m going to bake some chocolate chip cookies!  Sorry, ginger cookies.  I can only wish you well as I send you off to the landfill.

Thanks to a great Christmas gift from Cara’s sister: Cara and I have tickets to see The Killers tonight at Madison Square Garden!  There’s only one problem:

The lead singer has laryngitis.  But they will reschedule, I’m sure.  I’ve never seen them live.  They have a great live DVD.  Oh well.

Have a great weekend.