I’m pretty sure I won $7 in last night’s Powerball drawing.  I have a major decision to make.  Do I quit blogging and live off the grid or do I keep blogging and invest the money?  I think I’ll keep blogging and invest the money.  Anyway, congratulations to the winners.  Good for them.

I like Bruno Mars’ song, “Locked Out Of Heaven.”  He was on SNL a few weeks ago.  He and his band danced throughout the song.  It was really cool.  If it were summer, I’d name “Locked Out Of Heaven” my song of the summer.  But it’s not summer.  So instead, I’m going to name “Locked Out Of Heaven” my song of the winter!  Tell your friends.  I’m on a Billy Idol kick right now.  I thought I had a lot of his music in my library but I don’t.  It disappeared.  So I went to an FYE record store this past weekend.  They had some Billy Idol stuff but it was too much money.  I bought some stuff online.  I hope it will be in my mailbox soon!

So, Lindsay Lohan was arrested at 4AM for getting into a fight.  YAWN.  Who cares.  When she was leaving the police precinct, she covered her head.

I’m not sure why.  Did she think news of her arrest wasn’t going to get out?  Ha ha.  This is sad and headed for a bad ending.

OK, I’m off.  Time to start mapping out my ultimate Christmas light display!

Have a nice day.