That may be the best video I ever shot! Ha ha.

Cara’s birthday weekend is over. But a good time was had by all. Saturday night we ate at a greek restaurant and then saw Skyfall, the new James Bond film. We had a great dinner! The movie theater was another story. The theater was tiny! The screen was the size of 4 big TVs. The seats, while new, were very uncomfortable! I felt like I was sitting on top of them versus sinking down. The worst! The movie, which made a lot of money and some have called the “best Bond ever,” was just OK. But the theater may have clouded my opinion. I still had a great night. It was nice to be out!

Saturday I started the great leaf project. I cleaned up a lot of vines/leaves that have been hidden for years. I started to bag everything up but quickly realized I’d be there all day. So, I bought a tarp. I figured I could take them to the dump in one shot. There were a lot of problems with this project. First, the tarp I bought was WAY too BIG, 10 x 20. When filled, it was WAY too heavy! Too heavy for me to lift. So, when I got the tarp to my car, I had to empty everything out and then shovel the leaves in my car! It was a lot of work but I was obsessed. I made a quick video, watch:

I titled that video, “The most-boring video on Youtube,” ha ha!

Sunday we had the family over to celebrate Cara’s bday. We made beef bourguignon, parmesan polenta and green beans sautéed in shallots. It was a damn good dinner! We had a fun time.

That’s all I know. Have a great day!