Happy Birthday, Cara!

We’re going to celebrate by driving down to Atlantic City and gambling all night!  Wait a second, that’s what I’d like to do on my birthday!  We’re going to enjoy a lovely dinner somewhere.  Friday – what a great day to have a birthday!  You can celebrate it all weekend!

Last night I decided not to mess up the kitchen by cooking a crazy dinner.  I made spaghetti.  I have to say, my simple sauce, made with a can of tomatoes/onion/butter, wasn’t up to par.  I’ve made two bad meals in a row!  And if I’m being 100% honest, the sauce was kinda messy!  What’s a guy to do?!  I may not cook tonight or tomorrow.  Sunday night I’m planning on cooking something I’ve never cooked before!  The pressure is on because it’s a family dinner.  I should just get a bucket of KFC!  Ha ha ha.

Have a good weekend.