Boom! I’m gonna kick this week’s a**!!! But before I do that, let me talk about my weekend. It was a good one. As you know, I got power last Monday. My brother-in-law’s family was still without power on Friday. So Friday night we had a lovely family dinner at our house. Saturday my brother-in-law, nephews and I saw “Wreck-it Ralph.” I was good but not great. I loved the concept but wished there were more, real, video game references. I know, nerd!  After the movie we played some video games.

That was a pleasant surprise to my weekend.  Saturday night Cara and I grilled some steak and watched “JAWS.”  That is such a great movie.  After Jaws we watched another movie on Showtime.  About 3/4 the way through, our power crapped the bed.  We were watching on a delay so when the power came back, our movie was gone!  We have no idea how it ends!  And what’s worse, I can’t find another airing of the film!  How horrible!  Ha ha.

Sunday I woke up early, got in the car and waited in a gas line.  I still had half a tank but thought I should try to fill up.  The line wasn’t very long at all.  I had a full tank in about 15 minutes.  $4.29 a gallon…seems kinda high.  Sandy!

I got home and decided to rake some leaves.  Just as I was raking my last pile of heavy, wet leaves, bam!

WTF?!  The wood handle just snapped!  That was the end of my chores.  What’s the world coming to when you can’t even rake leaves.  I think I can fix it.  I will keep you updated.

I think I’m going to end it here.  My brother-in-law got his power back on Sunday.

Have a nice day.