Kinda quiet this morning.  A few, some pretty big, gusts of wind.  But it will get worse throughout the day.  Go away, Sandy!

9:25AM update:  I went to the grocery store this morning.  I was surprised they were open.  But the storm hasn’t hit yet.  Some gusts of wind but nothing steady.

11:09AM update:  I’m no meteorologist but it’s definitely getting more stormy out there! More wind and rain.  The heavy stuff is coming tonight, starting around 5PM.  I was just out mailing a package and took this photo:

A tree limb fell.  That’s the only damage I’ve seen so far.  I got mail today!  Good for the post office for living up to their motto.  I could lose power at any time.  So, have a nice day if you don’t hear from me again.

2:11PM update:  More rain, more wind.  Sandy is getting closer.